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Minutes of February Meeting

         Oklahoma Space Alliance held its regular monthly Meeting on February 11 at Earl’s Rib Palace in Oklahoma City. Attending were Steve and Karen Swift, Russ Davoren, Mike Hopkins, Claire and Clifford McMurray, Don Robinson, Tim Scott, Dave Sheely, Brian Swift, Chris (last name unknown), Dennis Wigley, and Syd Henderson, OSA president Steve Swift presided over the meeting, leading off with What’s Happening in Space. This is online at http://osa.nss.org/index.html as part of the February Update. We added to the agenda that the Stafford Museum in Weatherford is having an exhibit called ‘Hidden Treasures.’
         We watched a trailer for the movie Hidden Figures about three black women struggling for recognition during the early years of NASA. (Actually the real story would include about a decade NASA’s predecessor NACA which is when Dorothy Vaughan began, though the movie understandably condensed the timeline.)
         We watched a video of the January 20 launch of the third Space-Based Infrared System to geosynchronous orbit, on an Atlas V by the United Launch Alliance.
         We saw some of the first photographs taken by the GOES-16 Weather satellite which was launched in January.
         Launchpad 39A at Cape Canaveral saw the launches of Apollo 11 and eighty shuttle missions. SpaceX will launch from the same pad on February 18.
         Cliff: Dreamchaser can bring cargo back at lower G and land on a runway.
         Elon Musk’s Tesla is building a gigantic factory to produce batteries that will double world  production of his kind of batteries.
         We have $1045 in the bank account and $267 in cash.
         Mike Hopkins joined OSA.
         Chapters want donations for Chapter room at ISDC. Will be for NSS members only. [We’re seeking to change that.]
         Claire went through a Power Point slideshow of her presentation of the NSS Roadmap.

         [The February OSIDA meeting was cancelled and the March meeting moved to March 14, so no OSIDA notes this month.]

--Minutes by OSA Secretary Syd Henderson

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