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Minutes of October Meeting

         National Space Society’s Oklahoma Space Alliance chapter held its regular monthly meeting on October 12, 2018 at Earl’s Rib Palace in Moore, Oklahoma. In attendance were OSA President Dave Sheely, Mike Hopkins, Claire and Clifford McMurray, Tim Scott, Bryan Swift, Steve and Karen Swift, and Syd Henderson. Dave Sheely presided over the meeting.
         Most of the “What’s Happening in Space” segment was in last month’s Update, (online at http://osa.nss.org/Update1810.pdf) so I’ll just cover the highlights.
         Lockheed-Martin has revealed plans to build a reusable Moon lander. We watched a video on the subject.
         We watched a video on the Parker Space Probe. Although the PSP didn’t have the fastest launch velocity, it will achieve by far the highest velocity attained by any space probe.
         We watched a video on robots probing under the Ross Ice Shelf in Antarctica, a possible prelude to robotic missions under the ice of moons like Titan and Europa.
         We watched an interview with Neil DeGrasse Tyson about the proposed Space Force.
         We watched a video of “Vulcan” orbiting 40 Eridani. Vulcan orbits just inside the habitable zone.
         We watched several episodes of “This Week at NASA,” including photos of Hurricane Florence, an Orion Test Capsule landing, and the launch of ADEPT to test the heat shield. We saw the first light of TESS (the Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite), and a NASA anime site to show off spinoffs.
         October 1 was the 60th anniversary of the creation of NASA.
         We watched the return of astronauts from the ISS, a launch by SpaceX from Vandenberg (SpaceX’s first from there), the Falcon 8 launching and landing after delivering Telstar 18 to orbit. Finally, we watched the last launch of a Delta II, on September 15. [Delta II’s flew 155 times from February 1989 through October 2018, with only two failures, both in the mid-1990s.]

         We have $911.21 in the checking account and $267 in cash for a total of $1178.21.
         We watched a video on the Space Launch System.
         The Europa Probe would use an Earth gravitational assist to get to Jupiter in 4.5 years. A direct launch would take 2.8 years and could be launched by the SLS.
--Minutes by OSA Secretary Syd Henderson

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