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Minutes of July Meeting

            Oklahoma Space Alliance met the McMurrays’ house in Norman, Oklahoma on July 13. In attendance were Clifford and Claire McMurray, Russ Davoren, Steve Galpin, Adam Hemphill, Mike Hopkins, John Northcutt, Tim Scott, Dave Sheely, and Syd Henderson  OSA President Clifford McMurray presided over the meeting. . He also did an Update with links to the videos he presented. This can be found at http://osa.nss.org/Update1907.pdf, so I’ll cover the highlights.
            We watched a video of the June 25 Falcon Heavy  launch by Space X, and the subsequent booster landing. They also covered half the fairing, which was the first time they had recovered any of it. SpaceX first stages have now flown twice and some may have flown five times by the end of the year. SpaceX believes they are capable of flying ten times before retirement.
            Chris Hadfield has a Masterclass that we watched an ad to.        
            We watched a video on Chandrayaan 2, which is scheduled to launch on July 14.
            The US Government is getting concerned with lunar landing contenders which are partnering with foreign governments.
            We watched a video of Hayabusa 2’s second touchdown on asteroid Ryuku. Hayabusa 2 is now heading back to Earth.
            We watched a video about Dragonfly, the newly approved spacecraft that will fly through Titan’s atmosphere. It will weigh about 300 kg and is about the size of a sedan,
            What about commercial copyright for commercial users of the Space Station? NASA won’t be able to get commercial users to rent space if the users don’t have rights to what they discover.
            Farouk Al-Baz was an Egyptian-American space scientist who trained NASA astronauts as geologists.
            Kip mentioned that in the early part of the launch of a Saturn V, the fuel was going down more rapidly than the rocket was going up.
            There’s a new documentary Armstrong coming out that has been approved by Neil Armstrong’s family. We listened to a video of the theme song “Flight of Fancy.”
            Science has an article on Cassini’s flyby of Saturn’s rings.
            We watched a video about the ULA (United Launch Alliance). The ULA got a Von Braun Award.

Business:  We now have 809.23 in checking and 267 in cash.

Apollo 11 event preparations: we can serve beverages, as long as they’re not red (and are non-alcoholic).
            Claire reserved a TV. Does it have an internet connection?
            We will have an easel on which to put up aposter. We need to bring a clipboard or two. Syd has several.
            Mike has been putting together a bunch of posters commemorating the Apollo missions and earlier related flights. We also have a large poster showing Moon landing sites.
            We have models of a Saturn V, including a large one to put in  a display case, and one of the command module attached to the LEM.
            We will bring the Moon globe.
            Mike, John and Syd will be there at 10:00 a.m.--Minutes by OSA Secretary Syd Henderson

Apollo 11 Commemoration

            Oklahoma Space Alliance hosted a 50th Anniversary commemoration of the Apollo 11 moon landing on July 20 at the Norman Pioneer Library. Ten people attended from Oklahoma Space Alliance and at least 40 non-members visited, although we never had more than 16 at one time, which was enough for a lively discussion.  We had refreshments, and two sheet cakes, each of which had two pictures from Apollo 11. We refrained from decapitating the astronauts.
            Mike Hopkins had made up a bunch of 8 by 11 posted detailing the history of missions to the Moon, including the main Apollo missions. We also had posters of lunar landing sites, and one of the famous photograph of Earth in the lunar sky. Adam brought a disk of the documentary Apollo 11, as did Syd, but neither worked with the keyboard he was using, so he downloaded it off the Web and we watched it that way.
            Syd took photographs which he will put on the web site, and possibly in the September Outreach.
            We had a clipboard for people to sign up and thirteen did, about half of whom left contact information.

--Notes by OSA Secretary Syd Henderson

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