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Minutes of November Meeting

            Oklahoma Space Alliance met at the McMurrays’ house in Norman, Oklahoma on November 9, 2019. In attendance were Clifford and Claire McMurray, Adam Hemphill, Mike Hopkins, John Northcutt, Tim Scott, Dave Sheely, Bryan Swift, Steve and Karen Swift. and Syd Henderson. OSA President Clifford McMurray presided over the meeting.  He also did an Update with links to the videos he presented. This can be found at http://osa.nss.org/Update1911.pdf so I’ll cover the highlights.
            OSA members Adam Hemphill, Clifford McMurray, Dave Sheely, Steve Swift and Don Whitney met with US Representative Kendra Horn and brought pictures to the meeting.
VIPER (the Volatiles Investigating Polar Exploration Rover), which will fly to Lunar South Pole as early as December 2022, will carry a drill capable of penetrating Lunar soil to a depth of a meter.
New Glenn will have twice the payload volume of anything currently flying. We watched a video of Bezos presenting Blue Moon, a moon lander and cargo carrier that could be launched by New Glenn or several other heavy launchers. Blue Moon will be capable of landing four rovers simultaneously on the Moon. It will use liquid hydrogen, which has the advantage that it can refuel using lunar ice.
We also watched a video presentation of the BE-7 engine and one of Blue Moon releasing small satellites and landing on the Moon.
China will launch two test flights of Long March V and a Mars mission before launching the lunar sample return mission Chang’e 5 in December 2020.
We watched a video of the Next Generation Space Station.
There has never been a robotic orbital rendezvous outside low-Earth orbit.
The first Virgin Orbit test flight may be before the end of 2019. [Didn’t happen. It’s now projected for 2020. The spacecraft is named LauncherOne.]
We watched a short video on Virgin Galactic going public on the New York Stock Exchange.
We watched a video on working on the space station.
We watched a video of epigenetic studies in orbit. These are important as epigenetic regulation, which works by turning off specific genes, is a major method the genome uses to adapt to the environment, and function may not always be restored to the genes when astronauts return to Earth.

            We nominated officers for 2020. We renominated Cliff McMurray for President, Dave Sheely for Vice-President, Tim Scott for Treasurer, and Syd Henderson for Secretary.

            We watched several episodes of This Week at NASA.
            The Van Allen Belt mission ended after seven years.
            We watched a video from the ISDC by Doug Plata on Earth Independence. You can find related videos at Doug Space, https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC0xYcRHQpAcBkMMTgF75MQg.
            Kendra Horn used to work for the Space Frontier Foundation and used to share office space with the National Space Society. She is a graduate of the International Space University.

                                                                                                                 --Minutes by OSA Secretary Syd Henderson

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