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Minutes of July Meeting

          Oklahoma Space Alliance was to have a meeting and party at the SoonerCon science fiction convention in Oklahoma City on July 15, but since only Tom Koszoru and Syd Henderson showed up for the meeting, we went directly for the party. Syd Henderson had reserved the room and was the host for the party. Steve Browne*, a summer reporter for the Oklahoma Daily interviewed Tom and Syd about the Oklahoma Space Alliance and the National Space Society. The party itself ran from 8:00 p.m. past 11:00 p.m., and we had up to seven or eight people pretty steadily through the night, with perhaps thirty or forty dropping by.

          Although SoonerCon was billed as a science fiction convention, the science fiction programming was pretty much limited to authors from Yard Dog Press, which is more of a consortium of local writers. Another guest was Lee Martindale, who has edited anthologies. The dealers room was mostly oriented toward comic book and action figure fans, with one large display of t-shirts. The art show was in the back of the dealers room and was indeed science-fiction oriented. The convention had lost one of its programming rooms, and tried to compromise by having two tracks of panels in one large room with a partition separating them. This did not work well because it was difficult to hear your own panel if there was a loud speaker at the other panel. The Oklahoma Filmmakers Panel, which was particularly interesting, was one that particularly suffered.

          SoonerCon is planning to do a convention next year, at a different hotel. This year's was a financial success, with four or five hundred people showing up, and as the new con staff gets some more experience, it should improve.

*Not Andrew Heaton as earlier reported.

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