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Minutes of August Meeting

      Oklahoma Space Alliance met on August 19 at Tom and Heidi Koszoru's house in Norman. Attending were Tom and Heidi Koszoru, Claire McMurray, John Northcutt, Tim Scott and Syd Henderson. Claire read an e-mail from Jim Plaxco about the NSS Space Settlement Calendar, whic is holding a Space Settlement Art Contest, the winners to be placed in the calendar. The prizes for this need to be large enough to be worth the while of the artists. Tom suggested NSS come up with a donation of its own and sell votes. We will send $200 as soon as the logistics of where to send it are worked out.

      ISDC 2007 (the International Space Development Conference in North Texas) is assigning staff positions for the conference.

      Tim will ask George Whitesides and Joe Redfiedl about closing out the ISDC 2004 account.

      Rocketplane got half of a NASA contract to do a feasabilty study for a rocket to service the Space Station. [I think SpaceX got the other half.]

      Chuck Lauer wants to bring his model of his spacecraft to Yuri's Night next year. This "model" is about the size of a small jet. April 12 falls on a Thursday, so we may want to do this on the following Saturday.

      We will try to meet in September at the Moore Library. Syd will call to make arrangements. [The Library was doing some remodeling and asked me to call back. When I did so, they told me that the room was still unavailable, so we are having the September meeting at the Koszorus' house.

     David Craig sent us two discs that he had recorded to DVD off the NASA website. One of these was on the early space race, and was really impressive but too long to watch at the meeting. Tom will duplicate the DVDs and distribute the copies at the September meeting.


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