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Minutes of October Meeting

      Oklahoma Space Alliance met at the Koszoru House in Norman on October 21. Attending were Tom and Heidi Koszoru, Claire McMurray and Russ Davoren, who was attending for the first time.
      We discussed an upcoming social event, which is Cliff McMurray's upcoming birthday celebration and open house.
      Claire needs to contact Chuck Lauer about Yuri's Night, which is April 12. Since that is a weekday, we would probably have a public event on the weekend.
      NASA now has a travelling trailer to explain the International Space Station. Claire wonders if we could get it for Yuri's Night. Maybe we can ger OSIDA to do something for Yuri's Night.
      Armadillo Aerospace has done a hot test for the Lunar Lander contest at the Oklahoma Spaceport.
      Should we try for March or April on the radio quiz.
      Claire went to Fencon in Dallas, Texas last month. North Texas didn't have a party, but did have a speaker on a couple of panels and some fliers. Claire wants to contact them concerning having more of a presence at similar events. Tom will call Carol Johnson.
      Claire needs to contact Jim Plaxco about the NSS Space Calendar.
      Ideas for a web site: Have contact info for each officer. How do we get a dedicated e-mail address exclusively for Oklahoma Space Alliance? We can list Claire's phone number for contact information. (Note that my e-mail address is at the bottom of each web page as the OSA web master). Syd is taking classes in Web design at Oklahoma University. He can do this for free as a staff member.
      We need to be going after people at Oklahoma University. NASA has several projects that are open to students, and Syd has been sending information about them to David Miller. Russ suggested John Fagan as well.
      Russ is with the Challenger Center group in Oklahoma City. They will be doing Eggstravaganza again next year. Brian Sandeen is now in Houston. Can we put him in touch with Marianne Dyson, who is with the Clear Lake chapter down there?
      The Oklahoma Space Alliance Christmas Party is December 16. The November 18 meeting will be at Cliff and Claire McMurray's house.
      This meeting was held on Homecoming Weekend at Oklahoma University. Claire had to leave early to park cars on her lawn before the game. Russ, Tom and I talked for about an hour after she left on various topics about Oklahoma Space Alliance and other things and caught up on what was going with the Challenger Center group.

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