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Oklahoma Space Alliance NSS Update, October 2006.

To repeat Syd Henderson's timely notice:

Oklahoma Space Alliance will meet at 2:30 p.m. on Saturday, October 21 at the Koszorus' house in Norman. Prospective members are also welcome. Their house is at 514 Fenwick Court in Norman.
         To get the meeting either: (1) Take the Robinson Street west exit off I-35. Proceed west to 36th Street where you will turn left, and go south until you turn left on Rambling Oaks (about half a mile north of Main Street). Fenwick Court is the third street on the left. Tom's house is the last on the left side, or (2) Take the Main Street west exit off I-35, proceed west past the Sooner Fashion Mall, and turn right at 36th Street, and go north until you turn right on Rambling Oaks (about half a mile north of Main Street). Fenwick Court is the third street on the left. Tom's house is the last on the left side.


Update items:

* The new NSS brochure has been printed, and is now available at HQ.

* AdAstra Online (http://www.space.com/adastra/) posted a 10/12/06 piece by OSA member Clifford McMurray, titled Ad Astra: Taking Spaceflight Into Our Own Hands. I strongly recommend checking out the Ad Astra web site regularly. The current first feature is Larry Evans' 10/1/06 article about the (NSS) Orange County Space Society's experience in acting a tour guides for NASA's traveling Vision for Space Exploration trailer.

* The current National Space Society website (http://space.nss.org/) is also of special interest to Oklahomans, as the home page still features the 8/18/06 NSS congratulations to Space Exploration Technologies and Rocketplane Kistler on the announcement that they had been chosen as the winners of NASA's Commercial Orbital Transportation Services (COTS) program. This Rocketplane Kistler program is separate from the suborbital effort being built in Oklahoma, but I'm thinking we might get some benefit from it anyway.

* In January, Rocketplane announced two "qualified resellers" for their suborbital tickets:
Jane Reifert, President of Incredible Adventures at [email protected], 800-644-7382 / 941-346-2603 or visit www.incredible-adventures.com.
Wesley Baker, CEO of Pure Galactic at 01227 264264 or via email [email protected] or log on to www.puregalactic.com
They also list a German company: Space Travellers (http://www.space-travellers.com). For information on costs, enter your request at http://www.rocketplane.com/en/signup/default.asp.

* Armadillo Aerospace (http://www.armadilloaerospace.com/n.x/Armadillo/Home)  has been using the Oklahoma Spaceport for their flight testing of the Lunar Lander in competition in the X-Prize Cup. There's a link to a video of their 9/2/06 hop test, as well as other items of interest, on the Oklahoma Spaceport website: http://www.okspaceport.state.ok.us/spaceflightactivites.html.

* I received the following email from Magi Whitaker:

"It's good to hear from you.  We had a great summer day camp with 35 participants aged 4 1/2 to 12 1/2 years.  We are planning next years camp as well as determining the details for our next EGGstravaganza.  We are meeting tomorrow ( Thursday) at the 99s at 5:30, I would love for you to attend.

"At this point, if OSA is interested in attending a Challenger Learning Center mission, I would reccommend going to Wellington, KS.  It's  alot closer and they would be delighted to have you.  Kevin and I have worked closely for the last couple of years and would like to do a joint project in the future."

* Cliff McMurray gave a talk on asteroids at the OKC astronomy club in September. As a result we met Bill Warner, who works for Pratt & Whitney "military customer support" in Midwest City. In the past however, he helped build the Apollo engines that sent us to the Moon (unless my memory is off and it was the shuttle engines). Either way, I'm hoping he can join us for a meeting eventually.

* We still hope to host the November OSA meeting at our new home: 2715 Aspen Circle, Norman, OK 73072  (same old phone). However, it's lucky we didn't volunteer to do October, because the heat & air guy told us yesterday that it would be illegal and unsafe to turn on our furnace and we need a new one. Fortunately we have a fireplace and an electric space heater, but you wouldn't like it here tomorrow. I'll only be able to stop in briefly at the meeting because I'm the only one in the family available to park cars tomorrow, and we could use the money (see above). We did get a 1-year warranty which apparently does apply, but I'm not sure how much we'll have to copay.

Your tardy Update editor, Claire McMurray

Oklahoma Space Alliance Officers, 2006 (Area Code 405)

Tom Koszoru, President                                     366-1797 (H)
John Northcutt, Vice-President                           390-3476 (H)
Syd Henderson, Secretary & Outreach Editor    321-4027 (H)
Tim Scott, Treasurer                                           740-7549 (H)
Claire McMurray, Update Editor      329-4326 (H/Ans. machine) 863-6173 (C/no messages please)

OSA E-mail Addresses and Web Site:

[email protected] (Claire McMurray, new address). Claire also has a new mailing address, and expects to host a chapter meeting “soon.”
[email protected] (Heidi and Tom Koszoru)
[email protected] (Syd Henderson)
[email protected] (Tim Scott)
[email protected] (John Northcutt)
[email protected]  (Steve Galpin)
[email protected] (Nancy and David Craig).

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