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Minutes of January Meeting

Oklahoma Space Alliance met at the McMurray residence on January 20. Attending were Tom Koszoru, Claire McMurray, John Northcutt and Syd Henderson.
        We discussed whether to keep the post office box. It costs $60.00 per year. Tim favors that we keep it, so we will keep it for another year. The fee comes due sometime around April.
        The Annual Report is due February 15.
        We discussed plans for Yuri's Night. Would the Air and Space Museum at the Omniplex be willing to do something for Yuri's Night? We need to talk to Wayne Wyrick, and also to the Cheryl, who is or was in charge of the Museum's education programs. We also need to talk to Magi Whitaker about doing something at the 99s. When is Yuri's Night in respect to Eggstravaganza? Do we want to have our events on Friday, April 13 or Saturday, April 14.
        Rocketplane has a 3/4 scale mockup for Yuri's Night. We should mention this to Cheryl.
        We went to Countdown Creativity to look at merchandise that we could give away at a Yuri's Night celebration or other public event.
        We went to http://space.nss.org/settlement/calendar/ to inspect the prospective artwork for the NSS Space Settlement Calendar. We also looked at the Vanishing Point Contest, http://www.vanishingpointgame.com site, which is offering as a first prize a trip on Rocketplane XP.

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