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Minutes of June Meeting

            Oklahoma Space Alliance met on June 16 at the Koszorus’ house. Attending were Tom Koszoru, Syd Henderson and Claire and Clifford McMurray.
            These corrections were read into the minutes of the May meeting: The invitation to attend the Space Venture Symposium was a general invitation for people attending the ISDC, not just for Oklahoma Space Alliance. It was Claire McMurray, not Clifford, talked to Bill Khourie about the ISDC. This has been corrected in the minutes and also in the web edition of the June Update.
            Tom had been having trouble getting onto SecondLife. [This has now been corrected and he has become an evangelist on the subject. Now it's me having trouble getting onto SecondLife.. The program kicks me off after 20 - 30 seconds. Any advice is appreciated.--Syd] NSS now has an island on SecondLife, which is a 3-D virtual world where people can have meetings, exchange ideas and have fun.
           Magi Whitaker is postponing her fundraiser for the Challenger Center. We will suggest that Magi's group might want to do a fundraiser together with us. Magi would have to find a place.
           Tom reported his experiences at the ISDC. He attended the panel on the chapter track about Yuri's Night.
           Claire reported on a medical panel. Every woman who has been to space has fainted within a couple of days of returning. The same thing happens to about 20% of men. There is a 50% failure rate for people training for commercial flight. At Disney World there have been two deaths on flight simulators.
           Tom reports that Mark Hopkins wants NSS Student Chapters. We need to talk to David Miller at Oklahoma University about reviving the SEDS chapter or NSS Student Chapter there. We would give members a NSS membership for one year. This would cost $20.00 per new person, or $18.00 for students. We would need to remember to use the chapter code which is on the web site and on the NSS brochures.
           Is there something that we could do with David Miller and/or Cathryne Stein to have the national botball tournament at an ISDC?
           This led to a discussion on what sort of national student competitions there with a final tournament? For example, there are botball, spelling, dancing, mathematics, athletics, debating, music, writing and science. Should we do a drama competition for high school and college students where they could stage a 15-20 minute play that would solve a problem or present a situation. We would need a web site and send out notices for teachers. Perhaps the NASA Space Grant Consortium could happen there.
           Another possibility would be a business plan which involves people in space and marketing. For example develop an ad that promoted space. Winner would get on the air, or at movie theatres. Would an aerospace or computer company do the contest.
           We talked about promoting space by giving away Mars Bars and Milky Ways, perhaps on July 4. Claire will talk to the Norman Convention Center.
            Syd is to find out what space events happened on July 4. [Answer: the landing of Mars Pathfinder in 1997 and the Deep Impact launching its probe into Comet Tempel 1. We thought that Viking 1 also landed on July 4, 1976 for the Bicentennial, which was indeed the original plan but rough terrain at the landing site forced postponement to July 20, the 7th anniversary of the Moon landing.] There is a proposal to have July 20 be a non-paid federal holiday called Space Exploration Day.

--Minutes submitted  by OSA Secretary Syd Henderson

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