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Oklahoma Space Alliance 2007 Activities Report

            Oklahoma Space Alliance had a more active year in 2007. The January, February, March meetings were at the McMurray’s residence, and the May, June, September, October, November and December meetings at the Koszoru residence. The April meeting was replaced by the Yuri’s Night celebration and the July meeting was replaced by a party at a science fiction convention. The August meeting was a field trip to the headquarters of TGV Rockets. The December meeting was a Christmas party at which we had a brief business meeting and elected officers. We did, however, have several working meetings during the early part of the year in preparation for Yuri’s Night. Attendance at meetings was generally four to six people.
            On April 14, Oklahoma Space Alliance had a Yuri’s Night celebration at the Public Library in Moore which about 50 people attended. The KISS Institute of Practical Robotics had a botball demonstration and the Challenger Center of Oklahoma had a meeting. Tom, Claire and Tim brought refreshments, posters and handout materials. Syd brought newsletters and made up flyers for ISDC, sign-up sheets, membership forms and brought materials to help with the set-up. KIPR needed tables but otherwise did their own setup. Wayne Wyrick of the Air and Space Museum at the Omniplex was our speaker. We had two sycamore seedlings from a tree which grew from a seed flown on board Apollo 14, and Mr. Wyrick accepted one of them for the museum.
            On May 4, Claire and Kip McMurray, Tom Koszoru and Syd Henderson attended the licensing celebration for the Oklahoma Spaceport in Burns Flat, Oklahoma. The other seedling was given to the Oklahoma Spaceport and was planted on this occasion.   
Oklahoma Space Alliance had parties at the SoonerCon science fiction convention in June and at the Conestoga science fiction convention in July. About 50 people attended the latter. The party was timed to coincide with the 38th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing. We also gave two talks, including one on private spaceflight, at SoonerCon.
            Six members of Oklahoma Space Alliance attended the International Space Development Conference in Dallas, Texas and did various duties for it, mostly in the registration area. Clifford McMurray was in charge of the Space Business track. Claire McMurray spent the week before the ISDC at the conference hotel running errands for the host committee.
            The August meeting was a tour of the TGV Rocket headquarters in Norman, Oklahoma. This was followed by a pot luck at the Koszorus.
            On October 4, 65 years after a V-2 became the first man-made object to leave Earth’s atmosphere, Cliff McMurray successfully launched his 34-inch model V-2 in eastern Norman. With the help of Jim Brazell, this was our inaugural space week event, and also commemorated the 50th anniversary of Sputnik. On October 6, OSA had a Space Week display and Halloween candy table at the TrickConTreat mini-convention in Oklahoma City. This was a one-day event which had an attendance of maybe a hundred.
            Syd attended seven or eight meetings of the Oklahoma Space Industry Development Authority, sometimes in the company of Claire McMurray.
            Tom Koszoru has gotten involved with the Second Life virtual reality site and has established his own spot on the NSS website. He is evangelizing Second Life, and working on directions to help others use it.
            Syd Henderson manages the Oklahoma Space Alliance website, osa.nss.org/index.html
            Claire and Cliff have been attending Oklahoma City Astronomy Club meetings and they attended the 2007 Okie-Tex star party in the Oklahoma Panhandle.
            We produced six issues of Outreach with an approximate print run of forty-five.  Content averages about fourteen 8 ½ by 5 ½ inch pages, not counting front and back covers.  Our second newsletter, Update is exclusively e-mail and typically runs three to five pages. The e-mail list for both newsletters is forty, of which about 20 overlap with the Outreach mailing list.  The actual paying members of OSA number about a dozen, with perhaps another ten who need to pay up.

–Report Compiled by Syd Henderson, Secretary, Oklahoma Space Alliance

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