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Oklahoma Space Alliance NSS Update, April 2007

May Meeting

        Oklahoma Space Alliance will meet at 3:00 p.m. on Saturday, May 19. (The meeting which would have been on April 21 was replaced by the Yuir's Night celebration.) We will have an agenda ready about a week before then and Outreach will go out around May 14. This will be the last meeting before the ISDC and we also need to discuss whether to have parties at Conestoga and Soonercon.
         To get the meeting either: (1) Take the Robinson Street west exit off I-35. Proceed west to 36th Street where you will turn left, and go south until you turn left on Rambling Oaks (about half a mile north of Main Street). Fenwick Court is the third street on the left. Tom's house is the last on the left side, or (2) Take the Main Street west exit off I-35, proceed west past the Sooner Fashion Mall, and turn right at 36th Street, and go north until you turn right on Rambling Oaks (about half a mile north of Main Street). Fenwick Court is the third street on the left. Tom's house is the last on the left side.

Oklahoma Space Port Celebration

        The licensing celebration for the Oklahoma Spaceport will be Friday, May 4 at 10:30 a.m. at the Oklahoma Spaceport in Burns Flat, Oklahoma. The public is invited and notices will appear in the media. Rocketplane will be doing a static demonstration.
        To get to the spaceport from Oklahoma City, head west on I-40 and turn south on Highway 183 when you get to Clinton, Oklahoma. There should be signs directing you. (They may still say Clinton-Sherman Air Park instead of Oklahoma Spaceport.)

Minutes of March Meeting

        Oklahoma Space Alliance met at the McMurray house on March 17, 2007. Attending were Tom and Heidi Koszoru, Clifford and Claire McMurray and Syd Henderson.
       Professor Jamey Jacobs at Oklahoma State University has a class that is designing inflatable stowable winds for a Mars plane. Perhaps they should be invited to the International Space Development Conference.
       We will have a speaker for Rocketplane for Yuri's Night. We may have Rocketplane's Executive Director.
       We will be doing at party at SoonerCon, which is June 6 - 8 in Oklahoma City. See www.soonercon.com for details. We should contact Magi Whitaker to speak at SoonerCon on the Challenger Learning Center. Rooms at SoonerCon are $67/night.
       Syd needs to run off ISDC fliers for Yuri's Night.
       Someone with a portable computer needs to call the Moore Public Library and go there to check for computer connections and Wifi for Yuri's Night. There is a boom box at the Library that can handle CDs. We will need the CDs and refreshment. Do we want to have a red wine for Mars and a drink for the Moon. Suggested names for the drinks include Mars Madness, Lunar Lunacy and Martian Merriment. We should have Mars Bars and Cookies.
       Our activity for the meeting was attaching posters to posterboard for the display.

Minutes of April 7 Work Meeting

       Oklahoma Space Alliance had a work meeting at the McMurray house on April 7, 2007. Attending were Tom Koszoru, Claire McMurray, Magi Whitaker and Syd Henderson.
       The Space Tree Seedlings have arrived. These are sycamore seedlings grown from seeds which flew on board the Apollo 14 mission. One of the seedlings will go to the Omniplex Air and Space Museum in Oklahoma City. The other one we have offered to the Oklahoma Spaceport. If they cannot accept it, we have offered the seedlings to the Sam Noble Oklahoma Museum of Natural History on the University of Oklahoma Campus in Norman.
       We have a Yuri's Night greeting clip for the website from Charles Simonyi, a private citizen who will spending Yuri's Night 2007 at the International Space Station. The instructions for installing this clip on the web site are copied from the Yuri's Night web site and copied with the encouragement of that site. They didn't include instructions for pausing the clip, so it plays in its brief entirety each time the page is accessed.
       We now have a press release for Yuri's Night.
       There will be a Botball demo at Yuri's Night thanks to the KISS Institute of Practical Robotics in Norman.
       We received our Yuri's Night Supplies from headquarters. These include second-generation sycamore "space seeds", a t-shirt, patches and a boxful of copies of the special "50 years in Space" issue of Aviation Week & Space Technology.
       Magi has received a package of photographs of the crew of Space Shuttle Mission STS-115, which will be in space on Yuri's Night, and gave us a handful. She also brought instructions for constructing two-stage balloons.
       Tom will bring an ice tea maker. Magi thinks she has three large containers with spouts for serving beverages.
       We can start setting up at 4:30 p.m. on April 12, since the people who had that room at 4:30 have canceled. The Yuri's Night celebration begins at 6:30 p.m. We cannot use dry ice as planned because the fog may set off the smoke detectors in the library.
       The Yuri's Night Web Site has songs that be downloaded. Tom will do this.
       We divvied up assignments for picking up drinks, food and other party-related materials. We will need a sign-up sheet. Magi will bring a digital cameral. Syd will bring newsletters and registration forms. Since Syd has a copy of the Oklahoma Space Alliance logo [it's at the top of the page], he can put that on forms.

2007 Yuri's Night Celebration

        Oklahoma Space Alliance's annual Yuri's Night celebration was held this year at the Moore Public Library in Moore, Oklahoma. We has about 50 people come in total, including members of the Challenger Center of Oklahoma City and the KISS Institute of Practical Robotics (KIPR). Cathryn Stein and David Miller of KIPR arranged for a botball contest by two groups from Moore middle schools. In fact, the botball participants and audience were a majority of our crowd.
        Tom, Claire and Tim brought refreshments, posters and handout materials. Syd brought newsletters and made up flyers for ISDC, sign-up sheets, membership forms and brought materials to help with the set-up. KIPR needed tables but otherwise did their own setup. John Northcutt and Clifford McMurrayhelped with the setup. Laura Campbell showed up with her husband and their new baby. Magi Whitaker brought three large containers for dispensing beverages, which included ice tea and punch. Tom and Heidi Koszoru brought a chocolate fountain. We also had lots of graham crackers, fruit and cookies for dipping into chocolate, as well as Mars Bars, M&M's Milky Ways, pretzels and cheese balls and many kinds of sodas. Much of this will be showing up at the party at SoonerCon should we choose to have one.
        At least five members of the Challenger Center showed up. This was their regular meeting for the month.
        Wayne Wyrick from the Air and Space Museum at the Omniplex spoke to us and accepted the "Moon Tree" on behalf of the Omniplex.
        We had a screen available, and showed a promotion for the Zero-G corporation and a video of Yuri Gargarin's flight into space, and KIPR showed a video on Botball. Tom had recorded some songs from the Yuri's Night website and Tim had some of his own.
        Several people had cameras. We hope to eventually be able to have some of these pictures on the web site.

Oklahoma Space Alliance Officers, 2007 (Area Code 405)

Tom Koszoru, President                                     366-1797 (H)
John Northcutt, Vice-President                           390-3476 (H)
Syd Henderson, Secretary & Outreach Editor    321-4027 (H)
Tim Scott, Treasurer                                           740-7549 (H)
Claire McMurray, Update Editor      329-4326 (H/Ans. machine) 863-6173 (C/no messages please)

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        Update is edited by Claire McMurray
        E-mail for OSA should be sent to [email protected].  OSA members who wish to have their e-mail addresses printed in Outreach, and people wishing space-related materials e-mailed to them should contact Syd.

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