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Minutes of February Meeting

      Oklahoma Space Alliance met at 3:30 p.m. on February 16 at the Koszoru house. Tom Koszoru, Syd Henderson, Claire and Clifford McMurray and Tim Scott attended.
      Claire had just e-mailed Cheryl at the Omniplex about Yuri’s Night and hadn’t heard back yet.
      Tom can put pictures on line. Syd can put thumbnails on the web site. This can also potentially be done through the Mars Society web page.
      Claire brought a calendar for the Oklahoma City Astronomy Club.
      We got an ad for a subscription to the Chronicle of Philanthropy. This wasn’t of particular interest to Oklahoma Space Alliance, but since it was really meant for NSS, we’ll send it on to headquarters.
      E-mails at the Omniplex now end in sciencemuseumok.org.
      Claire alerted us to the Globe at Night project (www.globe.gov/globeatnight), which collects observations of the night sky to see how much light pollution is affecting people’s ability to see the stars. [This year’s Globe at Night concluded on March 8 and results are not yet in.. It’s done annually, so I’ll try to alert you next year.—Syd]
      We discussed alternative plans for Yuri’s Night, which is April 12. We could possibly do a party at a bar, possibly with the Challenger Center. The Omniplex doesn’t want to something in early April because they are planning a project in May.
      Tom still wants to do Casino Night with the Knights of Columbus.
      The NSS is setting up a site for people looking for roommates for the International Space Development Conference. Possibly could they do the same for the Mars Blitz?
      What can we do for programming at SoonerCon? Kip has a presentation for asteroid impact. Tom has a project that he’s working on for a space race simulation.
      We made plans for viewing the lunar eclipse [which we didn’t fulfill since the sky was overcast that night].
      Kip brought a CD documentary on Alan Bean and his art, which we watched.

--Minutes submitted  by OSA Secretary Syd Henderson

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