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Minutes of May Meeting

          Oklahoma Space Alliance met on May 17 at the Koszorus house. Attending were Tom and Heidi Koszoru, Claire McMurray and Syd Henderson. Tim Scott was in Milwaukee and could not attend.
          Jason Doyle, the reporter at the May OSIDA meeting, left us his contact information so I'll put him on our phone and e-mail lists.
          Tom wants to move the phone tree to the internet via Twitter.
          Claire and Kip may not be going to the Conestoga science fiction in Tulsa this year. Since hardly any of us will be going to Conestoga and because it is not close to a meeting time this year, we will not be meeting or throwing a party at Conestoga and will have our July meeting on the third Saturday in July as usual.
          Claire will be going to a songwriting workshop in early July. She should be back in time for the July meeting.
          Our SoonerCon party will be on Saturday, June 7 in Room 101 (Con Suite.). What can we do at the party? We can do a powerpoint Demo, possibly a Zero-G add. How much should we bring? Suggestions include Peach Schnapps, Lemonade, meat balls and pineapple chunks. Area is 575 square feet. We can have the room starting at 6:00 for set-up with party at 7:00 p.m. We will not be having a meeting in June because of the party, but will have a meeting in July but no party at Conestoga.
          Tom is calling the Great Space Race a chapter project. (He'll be talking about it at SoonerCon.) He has done a demo on Second Life.
          E-mail people who inquired about Yuri's Night who didn't show up and ask them what they would like to see on Yuri's Night.
          Tom, Claire and Kip are going to the International Space Development COnference. Top and Kip will be attending the Financial Symposium while Claire does Space Blitz.
          July Agenda includes Yuri's Night, future projects, and the Cheddar Ranch Observatory. The dedication ceremony for Cheddar Ranch has been moved from May 31 to July 26, which coincides with Conestoga. Syd is undecided whether he is going to Conestoga, but there will be several OSA members in the Oklahoma City are who can go to the dedication.

--Submitted by OSA Secretary Syd Henderson

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