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Minutes of August Meeting

         Oklahoma Space Alliance met on August 16 at the Koszoru house. In attendance were Claire McMurray, Tom and Heidi Koszoru, Tim Scott and Syd Henderson.
         Syd has added the e-mail addresses for the people who signed up at SoonerCon. We only had a couple of people sign up at the Cheddar Ranch Observatory dedication and only left their physical address. Claire corrected Gerald Burton’s e-mail address since his e-mail was bouncing.
         Tim still needs to send money to the Oklahoma City Astronomy Club for the platform we donated.
         Tom and the lady at the 99ers are playing phone tag.
         George Whitesides has been sending out e-mails on space solar power satellites. John Strickland is well versed in the subject.
         We will not be doing Yuri’s Night 2009 at the Science Museum Oklahoma (formerly the Omniplex).
         Space Week 2008 is October 4 – 10 and commemorates the flight of Sputnik 1. We should ask the 99ers whether we could have it there. October 4 is a road game, but it is also FenCon, which Claire and Clifford McMurray are going to, and is also during the Okie-Tex Star Party. (It is also during TrickConTreat in Oklahoma City.) October 11 is OU-Texas weekend.
         The usual date for the September meeting falls during the Winfield Music Festival which Claire and Clifford McMurray are attending. We’re moving the meeting up to September 13 so we can have a full complement of members.
         Tom wants a manual on how to set up a NSS chapter on SecondLife. This could thereby be an international chapter.
         No, we are not going to raise dues.
         Upcoming cons: Claire and Clifford McMurray are going to FenCon, then go to the night launch of the Space Shuttle on October 8. (This is the launch of the servicing mission to the Hubble Space Telescope.) Claire and Kip want to get press credentials. Kip has written for the NSS magazine Ad Astra, Could Claire be from Norman Transcript? This means that they will be gone for the entire Space Week in October.
         TrickConTreat (see below) will be October 3-5.
         We discussed the video contest mentioned in the agenda. Tom thinks the only way to do the video would be on Second Life. The subject was brought up by Veronica Zabala.
         July 20, 2009 is the 40th anniversary of the landing of Apollo 11 on the moon. That date will be on a Monday, but the entire mission lasted from July 16 – 24. Claire wants to do a forward-looking thing on Return to the Moon, possibly at 50 Penn Place. The broadcast booth for KTOK is there and one of the announcers is a space enthusiast. We need an exploratory meeting to see if we could do it there. We could possibly do something with OU, and need to contact Wayne and Cheryl at the Science Museum Oklahoma. We could have a set-up area so kids can make their own space costumes.
         Tom is in training the next two weeks. Tim can work on it in late September.
         The Rocket Racing League had a demo at the EAA AirVenture Oshkosh (more usually referred to as the Oshkosh Air Show).
         Claire and Kip went to Denvention.
Minutes submitted by OSA Secretary Syd Henderson

[TrickConTreat is a Halloween-themed science fiction convention with activities for both children and adults. Last year it was a one-day event, but this year the people doing it are getting ambitious. The theme is a tribute to B-Movies, but they also have makeup and costuming workshops, and art show, ghost-hunting tips, and the first Oklahoma Hearse and Shock-Rod Show. We had a table at this last year, but haven’t made plans yet for this year.-SFH]

--Submitted by OSA Secretary Syd Henderson

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