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            Oklahoma Space Alliance 2008 Activities Report

            Oklahoma Space Alliance had a pretty quiet year in 2008. The January, February, May, July, August, September, and November meetings and Christmas Party were at Tom and Heidi Koszoru’s house, the March meeting was at the McMurray’s residence, and the October meeting at the 99s Museum of Women Pilots in Oklahoma City. The April meeting was replaced by the Yuri’s Night celebration at Day’s Inn in Oklahoma City and the June meeting was replaced by a party at the SoonerCon science fiction convention. Meetings are generally four to six people.
            On January 26, four of us went to the Cosmodrome in Hutchinson, Kansas to see the premiere of The Wonder of It All.
            On April 12, Oklahoma Space Alliance had its annual Yuri’s Night celebration, this time at the Days Inn in Oklahoma City and an attendance of eight. Tom Koszoru spoke on his Great Space Race game project and Clifford McMurray spoke on “Asteroids-Threat and Promise.”
            Oklahoma Space Alliance threw a party in the con suite of SoonerCon on the evening of June 7. This took the place of our regular meeting for the month. We probably had 150 people drop by in the four hours we were in the con suite, a lot of whom dropped by simply because it was the con suite. However, we did get forty signatures, not including the members of Oklahoma Space Alliance.
            Claire and Clifford McMurray have been attending meetings of the Oklahoma City Astronomy Club. On July 26 Tom and Heidi Koszoru, Claire and Clifford McMurray and Syd Henderson went to the dedication of the Astronomy Club’s Cheddar Ranch Observatory on July 26. Oklahoma Space Alliance brought crackers and M&Ms for the dedication and materials to promote Oklahoma Space Alliance, then spent an evening of stargazing. Oklahoma Space Alliance has donated a platform for setting telescopes on Dark Star Parties. Syd has been publicizing meetings of the Astronomy Club in Outreach.
            Oklahoma Space Alliance is intending to do a variety of displays and events for Space Week 2009 (July 16 – 24) to commemorate the 40th anniversary of the Apollo 11 mission. The plan is not just to celebrate the past but anticipate the future.
            Oklahoma Space Alliance met at the 99s Museum of Women Pilots in Oklahoma City on October 18. The 99s are the International Organization of Women Pilots, and were founded in 1929, their first President being Amelia Earhart. We spoke Carolyn Smith, the head of the Museum about possible joint programs and fundraisers and possibly meeting there. We also got a guided tour of the Museum, which has, among many other things, displays devoted to Amelia Earhart, Jackie Cochran, and shuttle pilot Eileen Collins.
            Syd Henderson attended seven meetings of the Oklahoma Space Industry Development Authority, sometimes in the company of Claire McMurray.
            Tom Koszoru is preparing a start-up kit for “virtual” chapters of National Space Society; that is, chapters that meet and have activities on-line, including on Second Life and similar virtual worlds.
            We had a fundraiser late in the year selling books of coupons for Oklahoma City and Norman. We also sold Space Settlement Calendars, a bunch of them through the 99s Museum.
            We produced six issues of Outreach with a mailing list of about forty early in the year, increasing temporarily to about sixty-five after SoonerCon because we sent free copies to those who signed up at SoonerCon. Content averages about fourteen 8 ½ by 5 ½ inch pages, not counting front and back covers. We also produced five issues of Update, which typically runs three to five pages and is exclusively e‑mail. The December Update was replaced by the Christmas party invitation and annual election ballot, which was both mailed and e-mailed. Our e-mail list is now over sixty thanks to sign-ups at Soonercon and on Yuri’s Night; about twenty of these overlap with the Outreach mailing list. The actual paying members of OSA number about a dozen, with perhaps another ten who need to pay up.
            Syd Henderson manages the Oklahoma Space Alliance website, osa.nss.org/index.html, which includes back issues of both Outreach and Update, meeting announcements, and activity reports from previous years.

–Report Compiled by Syd Henderson, Secretary, Oklahoma Space Alliance

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