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Minutes of August Meeting

         Oklahoma Space Alliance chapter of National Space Society had its regularly scheduled meeting on August 8. However, due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, we held the meeting online via Zoom. Attending the meeting were Clifford and Claire McMurray, Dave Sheely, Tim Scott, Syd Henderson, and Seth Potter from the LA Chapter. OSA president Clifford McMurray presided over the meeting. He did an Update discussing links to material covered in the meeting and this is online at http://osa.nss.org/Update2008.pdf.
         Kip McMurray (Update) and Syd Henderson (Outreach) won an award for chapter newsletters.
         We watch videos of the Starship test launch, and the launches of Hope, Tianwen-1, and Mars 2020 (Perseverance), the last three of which are all going to March where they’ll arrive in February 2021
         We watched the landing of the Dragon Crew Capsule Endeavour. The landing was complicated by a bunch of boaters who approached the landing site off the coast of Pensacola, Florida, passing through a cordon of Coast Guard vessels. The Dragon capsule emits dinitrogen tetroxide which exists in equilibrium with nitrogen dioxide and is dangerously poisonous. We also watched a video of the undocking, reentry, and landing. The capsule recovery was done by a ship from SpaceX, not by aircraft carrier. All the American manned space missions though Skylab used aircraft carriers to retrieve the astronauts and generally the capsules.
         We watched a video of Elon Musk talking about the return of Endeavour, and a video of the astronauts being interviewed after the landing.
         Kip knows Greg Autry, who has been nominated as NASA’s Chief of Financial Operations. Autry was on the NSS board for several years.
         We looked at the Democratic platform on space, which was brief and blandly supportive. (The Republican one will presumably come up this month.)
         George Whitesides, the former executive director of NAA, is stepping aside as CEO of Virgin Galactic, but will still be with them as Chief Space Officer.
         We watched a video of SpaceX catching both halves of the fairings to one of their Falcon launches.
         The Endeavour crew returned with a flag that had flown to space on the first orbital shuttle launch, and had been left aboard the ISS by the last shuttle mission until it could be returned the next time an American rocket took people to the ISS, which took nine years. Note that one of the Endeavour astronauts was on both missions.

Business meeting:
         When the ISDC returns, should we have the awards at an evening function?
         Claire McMurray now has the Chapters Coordinator Awards named after her.
         No change in the amount in our treasury.
                                    --Minutes by OSA Secretary Syd Henderson

         Also: Craig Smith the new Executive Director of the Oklahoma Space Industry Development Authority contacted us and wanted to know more about us and how we can work together. I’m adding him to our e-mail and mailing lists and Kip has also been communicating with him. (I believe Dave was already.)--SFH

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