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Minutes of March Meeting

          Oklahoma Space Alliance met March 21 at the house of Clifford and Claire McMurray. Attending were Tom Koszoru, Syd Henderson and Claire McMurray. Clifford McMurray also made an appearance partway through the meeting.
          Tom is thinking about looking into private funding for projects. He wants to add an agenda item on research funding for space projects. That fits in with our mission.
          Claire is still hoping to do a radio quiz.
          Tom's Second Life project has been scheduled for review to NSS in Second Life.
          We are having our annual Yuri's Night celebration at 6:00 p.m. on April 12 at the McMurray residence. We will be inviting Fanarchy, a group of science fiction fans based in the Oklahoma City area. Coffee will be provided. Tom will post an announcement on the Yuri's Night web site. The party is smoke-free.
          Syd will send directions for the solar eclipse on July 22 to woman in Sri Lanka.
          We went through Scientifics catalog looking for space stuff. (This is the catalog from which we got the gravity well simulator.)
          Tom is head of the NSS Chapters Assembly so he will be our representative at the International Space Development Conference. Clifford has been confirmed as commercial space track chair.
          Claire suggested that NSS do coupon fundraisers as a method of making money. Oklahoma Space Alliance did this in September with some success.
          Syd needs to put the Soonercon date in the calendar.
          Leonard Bishop has asked us whether we can do some space programming at SoonerCon. We can do a thing on private space flight and the funding thereof. We can do a panel on space solar power, one on non-USA space programs, and what we are learning from space probes. He should do one on how space will fare during the Obama Administration.
          We will host the con suite again on Saturday night.
          We will have a meeting at 3:00 p.m. on April 18 at Tom and Heidi Koszoru's house.           

--Minutes submitted by OSA Secretary Syd Henderson

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