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Minutes of September Meeting

         Oklahoma Space Alliance met at the Koszorus’ house on September 12, 2009. In attendance were Tom and Heidi Koszoru, Claire McMurray and Syd Henderson. The meeting date was moved up a week because of a conflict with the music festival in Winfield.
         Tom has received the minutes to the Chapters Assembly meeting at the International Space Development Conference. He is still waiting for CDs for a space solar power presentation. The Japanese are investing in Space Solar Power.
         The event on October 10 at Cheddar Ranch Observatory is only for members of the Oklahoma City Astronomy Club, which eliminates that as a possible Sputnik anniversary event.
        Tom read the minutes from the Chapters Assembly. They are looking for ideas from chapters. Tom was re-elected chair of the Chapter's Assembly. Dennis Pearson is Tom's apprentice (i.e. vice-chair).
        Survey Monkey will allow you to do a 100-person survey for free. NSS can help us put one together.
         The theme for the 2010 International Space Development Conference is "Many Roads to Space." Members of chapters should have their chapter name on their badge.
        To find our chapter number, go to the NSS web site, click on "Activities" then "NSS Chapters." If our chapter number is on a brochure that someone uses for a new NSS membership, we get a cut of the membership money.
        Add coupon books again to the agenda.
        Do a poster for solar power.
        Syd: call the Chambers of Commerce for Norman, Moore, Del City, Oklahoma City and Midwest City to see if they have speakers bureaus.
        We still need ideas for a new NSS logo.
        Since we can't do the space day celebration at Cheddar Ranch Observatory, let's go to the Stafford Air & Space Museum in Weatherford. Possibly on October 3. No, let's do it on October 17 and make it our meeting.
        The Ares-1 engine test is on YouTube.
        Add Marketing for Burns Flat and Coupon Books to new business.
        The inflatable heat shield test worked and is posted on the web.
        Admission to the Stafford Museum is $5.00. We should take off at 11:00 a.m. and eat lunch and have our meeting on the way.

--Minutes submitted by OSA Secretary Syd Henderson

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