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Minutes of March Meeting

            Oklahoma Space Alliance met at the Koszoru house on March 20. Tom and Heidi Koszoru, John Northcutt, Claire McMurray and Syd Henderson were also there.
            Tom talked about virtual training as an alternative method (as part of promoting the Great Space Race).
            Claire collected money and leftover coupon books. The total came to $171.
            Add John back to the e-mail list. Fix typos in minutes.
            Yuri’s Night is April 12 and we’ve volunteered to help OU-SEDS put it on. We should meet at Tom’s at 6:00 on Sunday, March 28, to plan our part. We can donate money for food, drinks, speaker and star party. [Note: SEDS was content with a $150 donation, which went for a video and pizza.
            Put the 50th Anniversary Yuri’s Night in the calendar of space-related events.
            April 17 is the 40th Anniversary of the Apollo 13 mission, which is being celebrated on April 16 and 17 in Hutchinson, Kansas. That conflicts with our usual meeting time. `If we wish to have a meeting in April, it will have to be at the Conestoga Science Fiction convention the next meeting.

--Minutes by Oklahoma Space Alliance Secretary Syd Henderson

Notes on April 14 OSIDA Meeting

         Syd Henderson attended the April 14Oklahoma Space Industry Development Authority meeting at the Oklahoma Department of Transportation Building in Oklahoma City. Board members Chairman Joe King, former state Rep. Jack Bonny, former state Sen. Gilmer Capps, Gen. Ken McGill, Darryl Murphy, and Lou Sims were present, as well as an audience of six people, OSIDA Executive Director Bill Khourie and secretary Kim Vowell.
         OSIDA is still facing a budget reduction of 10 - 15%; the situation is the same as in March.
         PAPI (Precision Approach Path Indicators) lights have been installed. OSIDA is now waiting for the electrician or someone like him to power them up. In this case, the company that does that is PSO (and I don't know what that stands for.)
        The Security fence is progressing rapidly due to fine weather.
        The Rocket Racing League conducted tests last week at the Oklahoma Spaceport. Miles O'Brien of CNN was there to do interviews.
        Aviation Day is 1:00 - 4:30 p.m. on April 21 at the State Capitol. A reception follows at 5:00 p.m. at the Department of Commerce.
        The OSIDA board voted to allocate funding for the Operations and Control Center at the Oklahoma Spaceport. This will cost close to a million dollars.

--Notes by Oklahoma Space Alliance Secretary Syd Henderson

Yuri's Night Events

        The OU Chapter of SEDS (the Students for the Exploration and Development of Space) celebrated Yuri's night this year with a video Journey to the Edge of the Universe on April 10, and a lecture by Dr. Melchor J. Antuñano, Director of the FAA's Civil Aerospace Medical Institute in Oklahoma City, on the "Physiological, Environmental and Operational Risk Factors for Commercial Spaceflight Participants" on Yuri's Night itself. SEDS had earlier planned to do a telescope night on the South Oval but didnt have enough participants with telescopes to make it worthwhile. (Perhaps they should do something with the Oklahoma City Astronomy Club?) Oklahoma Space Alliance funded the refreshments (which turned out to be pizza) and the video. Syd Henderson attended both events and Tom Koszoru attended the lecture.
        The video was a National Geographic special which takes you progressively outward, beginning with the Moon, planets, nearby stars, forming planetary systems, etc., until you reach quasars and the Big Bang. The narrator delights in all the different things in outer space that can kill you.
        Dr. Antuñano distributed disks about CAMI and a booklet with information on the physical effects of space.


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