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Minutes of June Meeting

         Oklahoma Space Alliance met at the Koszoru house on June 19. Attending were Tom and Heidi Koszoru, John Northcutt, and Syd Henderson. Since we didn’t have a quorum for much of the meeting, we didn’t much business done.
         Starbase Oklahoma needs a contribution for 5th-graders needing transportation to Spaceport Oklahoma for science & math education. Mostly they need financial assistance for the one school that doesn’t have a budget for the trip. If we wanted to transport them ourselves, we would need a chauffeur’s license.
         Our treasure Tim Scott hasn’t been to a meeting for a while. We had an e-mail claiming that our annual report had not been received by National headquarters. [I called Tim and he’d resubmitted it in early July.]
         Tom has been thinking about getting the Mars Corporation (the candy makers) to doing something space-related for Yuri’s Night 2011.
         Claire and Syd think each other has the clipboard with the signup sheet from the con suite at SoonerCon, which we hosted for two hours on behalf of Oklahoma Space Alliance. I’ve done a fairly thorough search of my place and haven’t found it.
         We mentioned the possibility of doing mailings for Burns Flat.
         Since John didn’t go to the International Space Development Conference this year, Tom and Syd talked about that. Tom has a lot of CDs of the lectures from the ISDC, and Syd and Claire have several. One of Tom’s is that of Buzz Aldrin’s dinner speech, and we played that at Soonercon.

         --Submitted by OSA Secretary Syd Henderson

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