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Minutes of August Meeting

         Oklahoma Space Alliance met at the Koszoru house on August 14. Attending were Tom and Heidi Koszoru and Claire and Clifford McMurray and Syd Henderson.
         Members should send their individual contributions for Starbase Oklahoma to Tim so he can send the combined contribution. Claire will have to tell him where to send it.
         Grant request: SpaceX is looking for payloads for Dragon Lab (in addition to cargo to the Space Station). Perhaps the Mars Mice project would be interested. It may be better for the Mars Society to apply for grant.
         Tom has offered $50.00 for someone to draw a logo based on what we came up with: Two horizontal launch vehicles and someone looking out a portal at Earth.
         Yuri’s Night: We need to contact radio station, but first we need credibility like a speaker. Do we want to have a formal dance, charging $75 – 100? Can the Stafford museum handle a fancy dinner?
         We might be able to get by with a casino night as an educational organization. Doing it as a fundraiser is questionable.
         The idea of Yuri’s Night is to get people together. Wouldn’t a fancy dinner limit the number of students who could come? We would have to have an afternoon party for kids. Tom has 20-odd discs from the ISDC that could be used for an event.
         Call the Student Union to see what kind of band is available. Which bands are popular for student dances? Tom will call Lambda Chi.
         Could the Oklahoma Art Museum do a showing of Sergei Leonov paintings and get Leonov to come?
         The Oklahoma City Astronomy Club is looking for speakers and would like one from NSS.
         Marketing for Burns Flat: OSIDA Executive Director Bill Khourie would have to check with OSIDA’s legal counsel.
         The spaceport in Florida now has FAA license for launches from Cape Canaveral.
         Space Week in October: Mention it to SEDS. Ask Adrian Lucy about the current status of SEDS. Who is their sponsor? [Susan Postawk. The web page is active with a slate of 2010-11 officers listed, and the first meeting is September 8 at 8:00 p.m. Travis Darling is the current president.]
         The KISS Institute for Practical Robotics would fit in with a Yuri’s Night celebration.
         Tom and Syd are both donating $30 FOR Starbase Oklahoma. Syd will send a check to Tim.
         Claire got an e-mail from James Trombly about Tripoli. Look for a list of all rocket clubs in the United States. The link to the one in Edmond is bad, but there is a Tripoli in Tulsa
         We are to read books on various aspects of fundraising and speaking and do book reports on them. Claire and Clifford McMurray own a slew of such books. Add “Book Reports” to the Agenda beginning in September...
         If we do a CD Night, Claire can put it on the Astronomy Club web site.
         NSS is working on a way to simplify URLs to make chapter sites easier to find.

--Minutes by Oklahoma Space Alliance Secretary Syd Henderson

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