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Minutes of November Meeting

        Oklahoma Space Alliance met November 20 at the Koszoru house. Attending were Tom Koszoru, John Northcutt, Claire McMurray and Syd Henderson.
        Claire has received lots of NSS bumper stickers and a box of Ad Astras. Syd distributed a eight of the previous Ad Astras to the OSIDA board and smaller batches at his two doctors' offices.
        We received an enveloped full of letters from Diane Keeton's 5th grade students at Washington Elementary School in Clinton thanking us for helping to fund their transportation to Starbase. Claire will forward copies of Ad Astra to Ms. Keeton
        The December meeting is the Christmas Party. Possibly we can schedule the January meeting for Edmond?
        Research funding--look online. Make contact with Pat Jackson. Tom will talk to her about classes in research funding.
        Yuri's Night: Tom Stafford is now on-line on Facebook and Linked-In.
         We nominated officers for 2011. The slate is the same as for 2010: Tom Koszoru for President, John Northcutt for Vice-President, Syd Henderson for Secretary and Tim Scott for Treasurer.
        The Oklahoma Space Alliance Christmas Party will be December 18 at 5:00 p.m. We will eat at 5:00 p.m. and meet after.
        New business: Tom attended a telecon and proposed an idea involving Young Astronauts, which NSS has supported. Possibly we could do something involving Space Dragon [the capsule that SpaceX is developing for orbital flight.] This would be a program to look toward a future in space colonization.
        Claire: would it be better to hook into something that already exists.
        Tom doesn't want to be tied into an annual concept.
         Claire: Bigelow already has two miniature prototypes in space of their space habitats and would like to launch a full-sized version.
        Add radio programs for KTOK to agenda. Officer nominations get replaced by officer elections.

--Report from OSA Secretary Syd Henderson

Notes on December 8 OSIDA meeting

         [The November 10 OSIDA meeting was cancelled.] The Oklahoma Space Industry Development Authority board met at the Oklahoma Department of Transportation Building in Oklahoma City on December 8. Attending were chairman Jack Bonny, Gilmer Capps, Lou Sims, Cal Hobson, Darryl Murray and Joe King. There were about six in the audience.
         First up was the shocking news that OSIDA board member Brigadier General (Retired) Ken McGill had passed away the week before due to a catastrophic loss in blood pressure during dental surgery. More derails are confidential to his family. His funeral was on December 3. General McGill had been on the board since the early years of the decade, and was the chairman of the OSIDA board when Oklahoma Space Alliance hosted the 2004 International Space Development Conference in Oklahoma City. I found him to be a vital, inquisitive man and am stunned by his sudden death.
        Armadillo Aerospace is making modifications to their vehicle so test flights are still on hold. NASA has purchased some of their vehicles which have previously flown.
        The FAA Commercial Space Annual Conference will be February 9-10, in Washington DC.
        The board unanimously voted to eliminate travel reimbursement to board members attending monthly meetings. This represents a saving to the state of about $8000 per year.
        OSIDA is developing a spaceport promotional video with the University of Oklahoma and Price & Lang Consulting. Estimated cost will be $10,000 - $20,000.
        OSIDA approved meeting dates on the second Wednesday of each month. I asked about the February meeting, which would conflict with the FAA conference, but was assured there would be no problem. There was talk about having some of the meetings online. I have to wonder what actions they could take at such a meeting given the state's open meeting act.
        On May 25 the Oklahoma History Center will have recognize those Oklahomans who have contributed to space. OSIDA would like themselves to be mentioned.

         --Submitted by OSA Secretary Syd Henderson

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