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Minutes of February Meeting

         Oklahoma Space Alliance met February 12 at Panera Bread at 4401 West Memorial Rd. in Oklahoma City. Attending were Tom Koszoru, James Trombley, Russ Davoren, Diana and Kevin Hopkins, Tracey Claybon and Syd Henderson.
         Liz who was at the 99s Museum of Women Pilots is now at Wiley Post Airport.
         Ask the Russian program at OU for help with Yuri’s Night. Russ and Tom have talked with OU SEDS about Yuri’s Night. OU SEDS is planning something and we can hook up with them. We can donate the $150 we were going to use for Yuri’s Night and donate it to them. At this point, it’s too late to finalize anything with the Stafford Museum.
         SEDS is having a Moon Night with stargazing on April 10-11. OU SEDS President Travis Darling had spoken to Russ. Syd will contact SEDS through Facebook. [Travis’s reply: “We're working with another club on campus to see if we can't show a space-related movie in Meacham Auditorium. We're trying to get a lecturer from OU to give a general public-level talk on issues in space exploration. And we're taking our telescope out onto campus to do some stargazing outreach.”]
         Jim talked to the manager at Quail Springs AMC 24 about movie displays. Approval would have to go through the front office. Jim will e-mail us information on HEFT (Human Exploration Framework Team).
         Our next meeting will be March 12 in Norman. The April meeting will be swallowed up by Yuri’s Night. We will have more meetings at Panera Bread later in the year.
         Jim would like to do a speech on Karl Jansky later in the year. Jansky was one of the founders of radio astronomy and was born in Oklahoma Territory two years before Oklahoma became a state. His father was Dean of Engineering at the University of Oklahoma.

--Report from OSA Secretary Syd Henderson


         Although the Oklahoma Space Industry Development Authority met on March 9, Executive Director Bill Khourie had to cancel that day due to a family medical emergency. Since most of the material was to be presented by him, the board only took the minor actions they could without him and adjourned after twenty minutes.

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