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Minutes of March Meeting

         Oklahoma Space Alliance met March 19 at the Koszoru house in Norman, Oklahoma. Attending were Tom and Heidi Koszoru, John Northcutt, Claire McMurray and Syd Henderson. Tim Scott appeared toward the end of the meeting.
         Soonercon is June 3 - 5. We've been asked to help with programming. Since this year is the 50th anniversary of manned space flight, we'd like to do a two-part panel, the first focussing on the past 50 years in space, the second on the next fifty years. John and Syd can be on this panel. We can also host a brunch as well on the con suite before the panel. Tom can do a panel on the Lunar X-Prize. We need to contact William Ledbetter about whether he'll be at Soonercon. We need to contact the Oklahoma City Astronomy Club about whether they'd like to be on the panel.
         Claire and Cliff McMurray will be in Pennsylvania during Soonercon so won't be able to participate..
         Add ISDC to the newsletter. ISDC is May 19 - 22.
         The Russian professor at OU is Emily Johnson.
         Claire can't guarantee Cliff for a Yuri's Night lecture to OU SEDS. Syd has been trying to get in contact with SEDS via e-mail and Facebook with no response since early February. We decided to reduce the offer to SEDS from the $150 we were going to use for our celebration to $75.
         India is very interested in space solar power. The former President of India is heading an initiative on space solar power for India.
        Claire dropped Ad Astras off at the Norman Public Library. Syd dropped some off at the OSIDA meeting.
        Take marketing for Burns Flat off the agenda.
        Claire has Anousheh Ansari's book. She is the Ansari in the Ansari in the Ansari X-Prize and was the first Iranian in space.
         Tuesday (March 22) at 9:00 p.m., Cliff will be on the Space Show, which will be on the web. He is also hosting the Space Business track at ISDC.
         Claire is the only Regional Coordinator all of whose chapters have filed their annual reports.
         Have meeting in April and move it to Oklahoma City. If SEDS event is April 10 - 11, we will have ours on April 9.
         It is finally time to move the money from the 2004 ISDC account to our club account and close down the ISDC account.
         Syd needs to send a copy of the activities report to Tim.

--Report from OSA Secretary Syd Henderson


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