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Notes on May Meeting

          I left my notebook with the minutes of the May meeting at Soonercon, and won’t be able to give formal minutes until I retrieve it, so what I have here is necessarily sketchy.—Syd

          Oklahoma Space Alliance met at the Panera Bread at 4401 North Memorial Road in Oklahoma City on May 14. Tom Koszoru, Syd Henderson, Jim Trombley, Russ Davoren and Tim Scott attended. Claire McMurray made it toward the end of the meeting. I hope I didn’t forget anyone.
         This meeting was the weekend before the International Space Development Conference in Huntsville, Alabama. Claire and Clifford McMurray and Tom and Heidi Koszoru are going to ISDC. Cliff is chairing the Space Business track. Tom will be attending the Chapters Assembly meeting although he is no longer its president. [I got an urgent call on Thursday night of the ISDC asking for my pitiful minutes to the last Assembly, but apparently they were adequate.] Reports on what transpired will take place at the June meeting. I didn’t attend this year but I hope to get reports in the June Update and July Outreach.
         We have been asked to host a Saturday Brunch in the Con Suite at the Soonercon science fiction convention in Oklahoma City, June 3 – 5. Syd is to coordinate with Claire to bring literature, signs and visual displays. Tom is planning to bring a projector.
         We have also been asked to do a space panel. Our idea was to do a two-part panel on the first 100 years of manned space flight. [This panel was reduced to one-hour.] Tom, Syd, Jim and Tim will be on the panel. We hope to get some other space activists as well.
         Claire brought thirty or forty Ad Astras for distribution. Syd took most of them for distribution to the Oklahoma Space Industry Development Authority and at Soonercon.
         OSA Treasurer Tim Scott did a treasurer’s report. We have about five hundred dollars between checks and cash. Apparently he doesn’t have the money I sent him in January.
         Jim Trombley’s report on “What’s Happening in Space” including NASA’s criticism proposal for an interim launch vehicle. The criticism is that it seems an effort to salvage pork for congressional districts which were involved in the Constellation program more than a necessary transition.

--Notes by OSA Secretary Syd Henderson

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