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Minutes of July Meeting

            Oklahoma Space Alliance met Saturday, July 11 at Panera Bread at 4401 North Memorial Road in Oklahoma City. Attending were Tom Koszoru, Jim Trombley, Russ Davoren, Tim Scott, John Northcutt, Jana Galpin and Syd Henderson.
            We can put Tom’s new cell phone number in the newsletter.
            The 2011 Mars Society Convention is August 4 – 7 in Dallas, Texas. Claire McMurray and Syd Henderson are planning to attend.
            Fundraiser: Design a model by Franklin Mint to be sent into space with a plaque from a kid saying this is what he wants to do in space. Sponsored by National Space Society and SpaceX, maybe NASA.
            Tom went to the Marshall Space Center during the ISDC.
            We should make a rubber stamp with our info to put on the Ad Astras we distribute.
            Jim will be talking about SpaceX at meetings through the rest of the year.
            Dreamchaser? Look up info.
            Tom would like to do publicity at an air show. The one at Will Rogers Airport is apparently defunct, but what about Tulsa or Tinker Air Force Base?
            Drop movie displays from agenda in favor of library displays.
            Add SpaceX Dragon Launch to business. Drop ISDC. [But add Mars Society conference.]
            Jim wants to have a speaker at Oklahoma Space Alliance. He has a couple of candidates. This could be at either Panera Bread or Tom’s.
            Jim has VHS tapes of NASA. He brought some DVD copies of these.

      --Report by OSA Secretary Syd Henderson

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