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Minutes of August Meeting

       Oklahoma Space Alliance met at the Koszoru’s house on August 13. Attending were Tom Koszoru, Claire and Clifford McMurray and Syd Henderson.
       Change Tom’s Cell Phone number in newsletters and web page.
       Change the ISDC logo on the web page to ISDC 2012.
       Our next meeting will be at the Panera Bread on Memorial Road in Oklahoma City.
       Dream Chaser is a crewed suborbital and orbital vertical-takeoff and horizontal spaceplane being built by the SpaceDev subsidiary of the Sierra Nevada Corporation.
       Apollo 18 is a movie coming out in September. Is it science fiction or horror? [Apparently horror.]
       Who should have he stamp made. It should say:
       Oklahoma Space Alliance NSS
       National Space Society Chapter
       Web Site http://osa.nss.org/index.html
       With Claire’s number for contact.
We have a new batch of Ad Astras for distribution.
       Tom sent a proposal to Richard Godwin of Collector’s Guide Publishing on his SpaceX promotion idea. Does SpaceX have any item they would replace after a launch in the Dragon Module that we could use in the production of artifacts. If so, how much per pound and what kind of material? If not, would they have an interest in launching materials or actual models?
       Ask Travis Darling (formerly of OU SEDS) what happened to the movie that was shown at Yuri’s night a couple of years ago.
       We should have a Google calendar on web site [but Syd has to figure out how to do one].
       We can try a library display for Yuri’s Night 2012.

      --Report by OSA Secretary Syd Henderson

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