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September Meeting

        Oklahoma Space Alliance met Saturday, September 10 at Panera Bread at 4401 North Memorial Road in Oklahoma City. Attending were Tom Koszoru, Jim Trombley, Tim Scott, John Northcutt, Steve Swift, Dave Sheeley and Syd Henderson.
 Since we had a couple of new people, we spent a lot of time talking about Oklahoma Space Alliance history.
Leigh Perry was unable to make the meeting because she had an arts fair to attend, so the new logo is still on hold.
Tom has the solar power CDs back, so we can show them at a future meeting.
        Syd hadn’t had a chance to deliver Ad Astras to the Oklahoma Space Industrial Development Authority because the meeting was moved to September 21. [They were delivered at the meeting.\
        Jim showed the SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket and Dragon Capsile.
        Tom showed a computer model of the project that he wants to do with SpaceX.
        We’ve been discussing library displays and where to have Yuri’s Night, and the Moore Public Library and Belle Isle Library were suggested.
        Syd got in touch with Adrian Lucy about the movie that was shown at Yuri’s Night last year. This movie was purchased with our donation for that Yuri’s Night and my and Adrian’s impression is that it belongs to OU SEDS.
        The website updater was down, so Syd wasn’t able to work on a Google calendar for the web site, or get the meeting announcement and newsletter on the web site. [The updater has been updated, so he can once again keep the web site updated. He still needs to figure out how to create and update a calendar.]

        Before the meeting, Jim Trombley, John Northcutt, Tom Koszoru and Syd Henderson went to see Apollo 18. This is a horror movie in the “found footage” format, in which the movie you are watching is supposedly recovered from the actual filming of the events. In this case, the events are the classified last mission of the Apollo program, in which the astronauts went to investigate suspicious events near the South Pole of the Moon. A lot of attention went into recreating the look of degraded film, to the point where some of the footage is hard to see. Gradually the astronauts come to realize that something on the lunar surface is alive and masquerading as rock samples.

--Report by OSA Secretary Syd Henderson

Report on OSIDA Meeting

        Syd attended the September 21 meeting of the Oklahoma Space Industry Development Authority. Board members present were Gilmer Capps, Lou Sims, Joe King, Jack Bonny (the chair), and Phil Kliewer. There were three in the audience, not counting OSIDA staff.
Bill Khourie has been going to a lot of aerospace summits. He suggested to the FAA Office of Commercial Space Transportation that their next meeting be at the FAA Center in Oklahoma City. Bill is not familiar with the Unmanned Space Conference, so wasn’t yet able to share information on it.
        There was storm damage to the Oklahoma Spaceport from 90 mile per hour wind gusts. It tore most of the roof off one building and caused water damage to several more.

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