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Minutes of June Meeting

         Oklahoma Space Alliance met June 9, 2012 at the Denny’s on the I-240 access road on the north side just east of Pennsylvania Avenue in southern Oklahoma City. Attending were Steve and Karen Swift, Clifford and Claire McMurray, Dennis Wigley, Russ Davoren and Syd Henderson.
         Dennis brought photos of the transit of Venus.
         We need to add our chapter number, 661, to the brochures.
         We decided that most of the remaining copies of the Summer Ad Astra (about 40 of them) will be given out at Soonercon. 
SoonerCon: we have two hours in the hospitality room; 1:00 - Saturday to promote “What’s Happening in Space.” There are also three panels we’ll have members on, “Science vs. Magic: Arthur C. Clarke’s 3 Laws of Prediction in the Modern Communication Age,” (John Northcutt), “Are We Alone,” (Syd Henderson) and “America's Space Program: Retreat, Collapse, or Go Beyond?,” (Cliff McMurray and Steve Galpin.)
         Claire brought information on a Moon Colonization Online Certification course.
         We can do a slide show or a video on space solar power.
         Claire and Kip went to ISDC, and our first feature presentation was their report. Claire got an award for being an excellent Region 3 director and getting all the chapters in the region to get their annual reports in on time. Kip also went to the Global Space Colonization Conference.
         Stephen Hawking got the NSS Robert A. Heinlein Memorial Award.
         Excalibur Almaz is using old Russian Salyut technology. Its head is also the head of the Heinlein Trust.
         There may be more money in sending people beyond Low Earth Orbit than suborbital and near-orbital tourism.
         One of the winning teams for the Space Settlement Contest was from Florida. The other winners were from Romania.
         The first Space X Dragon mission to the Space Station overlapped the conference. The media reported that James Doohan and Gordon Cooper’s ashes were aboard the Falcon 9, but also aboard were the ashes of the late Chris Pancratz, the Chairman of the Executive Committee of National Space Society.
         The Mars Society convention is in Pasadena, California in mid-August. The Mars Science Laboratory (Curiosity) will land on Mars just after midnight on that Monday morning.

            Our second feature presentation, by Steve Swift, was on SpaceX vehicles. Here’s some of what we found out:
The Falcon 9 rocket first stage has nine engines. The second stage has a single Merlin engine. The Falcon  Heavy configuration has 27 engines on the first stage and has more than twice the power of the next largest rocket in the world. Falcon 9 Heavy can carry 120,000 lb. of payload into low Earth orbit, and 26,000 lb. to geostationary transfer orbit. [Other sources say 42000 lb. to GTO, 35,000 to translunar space, and 31,000 lb. to Mars.] Falcon Heavy has more lift than any rocket since the Saturn V.

What’s Happening in Space presentations:
         Space X launches Dragon Capsule to Space Station.
         ISS Crew Interview on the arrival of Dragon.
         Splashdown video.
         A Solution for Medical Needs and Cramped Quarters in Space.
         FAA grants an experimental permit to Virgin Galactic.
         Vesta’s Amazing Technicolor Surface. (False-color maps of Vesta to bring out subtle details.)

            Dennis’s Venus transit photos are at www.starsabove.net.
         The 2013 ISDC is in San Diego and the 2014 ISDC is in Los Angeles.
         Claire showed photographs from ISDC.
         We need to send out new logo to the Chapters List.
         Add to agenda a tour of the NSS website.
         Next two meetings will be in Denny’s.        

Membership: Possibly post a notice on Craigslist. We can have our business meeting before the regular, and announce times for both, so people uninterested in the business meeting can come to the regular.

--Minutes by OSA Secretary Syd Henderson

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