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Minutes of March Meeting

        Oklahoma Space Alliance met March 9, 2013 at the Denny’s on the I-240 access road on the north side just east of Pennsylvania Avenue in southern Oklahoma City. In attendance were Steve, Karen and Brian Swift, Russ Davoren, Claire McMurray, Don Robinson, Tim Scott, Linda Shannon, Dave Sheely and Syd Henderson.
        We received contact information for Don Wilson in Tulsa who joined OSA.
        We now have $799.36 on our checking account and $267 in cash. The annual report is now in to National Space Society headquarters, being sent out on February 11 by Priority mail.
        Claire received a letter critical of NASA’s handling of the James Webb Space Telescope.
        We can do our Celebration of Space Flight (aka Yuri’s Night) on Saturday April 13 at our regular meeting.
        Additional topics for meetings include the International Space Development Conference, Real and Speculative Spacecraft. Add comets as well, and what can we learn about Earth by going into space.
Paul Damphousse has resigned as NSS Executive Director.

What’s happening in Space?
        “The real spinoffs are at a higher level.” Any company that seeks to build a rocket or satellite component “or who even wants to supply nuts, bolts and screws to the space industry,” he said, “must work to a higher level of precision than human beings had to do before the space industry came along.”--NASA Administrator Michael Griffin quoted in The New York Times, September 25, 2007.
        “Asteroids are nature's way of asking: 'How's that space program coming along?’” Neil de Grasse Tyson.
[Apparently not original with him.]

        We watched a lot of videos of the meteor that exploded over Chelyabinsk in Russia on February 15, and articles on the asteroid that buzzed the Earth later that day.
        Inspiration Mars Foundation wants to send a manned expedition to Mars in 2018. The round trip would take 501 days and use the Dragon space capsule. For the story, see http://www.space.com/19981-private-mars-mission-married-2018.html.
        SpaceX’s Dragon capsule suffered a thruster glitch after its launch to the International Space Station, but recovered and was captured by the ISS on March 3, one day later than planned.
        Demographics have no impact on America’s confidence that humans will go to Mars.
        A Russian cargo module went to the ISS. An Atlas V launched a Landsat 8 satellite. This was the first West Coast launch of an Atlas V. We watched launch videos.

Feature Presentation: Destination Mars
        The first six missions to Mars failed. Mariner 4 was the first success, flying by Mars in 1965. Mariner 9, in 1971, became the first spacecraft to orbit Mars. There have been some sixty attempted or successful missions to Mars. This number includes missions that used Mars for a gravitational assist.
        SpaceX can launch something to Mars within a year.
        The ExoMars mission will launch in 2018,
        The Mars 500 project was a 520-day simulation of a Mars mission, a joint project by the European Space Agency and the Russian and Chinese space agencies.
        India will launch a Mars orbiter, Mangalyaan, in November.
        Elon Musk wants a Mars colony of 80,000 people.
        We watched a video about Mars One.

Part V of the NSS Roadmap, To Mars
        Milestone 14: Robotic exploration of Mars
        Milestone 15: Creation of a Logistics System for Transporting Humans and Cargo to the Martian Surface.
        Milestone 16: A Continuously Occupied Multi-Purpose Base.
        Milestone 17: A True Martian Settlement.

Minutes by OSA Secretary Syd Henderson

March OSIDA Meeting

        The Oklahoma Space Industry Development Authority met at the Department of Transportation Building in Oklahoma City on March 13. Board members present were Jack Bonny, James Cunningham, R. Allen Goodbary, Jay Edwards and Robert Cox. There were five in the audience, including Steve Swift, Dave Sheely and Syd Henderson from Oklahoma Space Alliance. Bill Khourie, Kim Vowell and Brinda White were present for the Spaceport.
        The Operation Control Center should be done around the end of the month of March. OSIDA can move in within two or three days after the building is complete. They anticipate this being during the first two weeks of April.
        The Oklahoma Spaceport has been requested to host the General Aviation Fly-in on April 6.
        The new runway sweeper arrived in early March.
        The Oklahoma UAS [unmanned aerial systems] Summit will be at the Postal Center in Norman on March 26. Fee is $100 in advance and $120 at the door.
        The $15,200 STARBASE payment was approved for Fiscal Year 2013.
        OSIDA is developing a new Business Development Plan. They need to get some low-hanging fruit this year.

Notes by OSA Secretary Syd Henderson


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