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Minutes of February Meeting

        Oklahoma Space Alliance met at Harry Bear’s All-American Grill in Moore on February 8, 2014. In attendance were Steve, Karen and Brian Swift, Vickey Richartz, Russ Davoren, Dave Sheely, Dennis Wigley, Claire and Kip McMurray, Tim Scott and Syd Henderson.
        We now have $872.85 in the checking account and $257 in cash.
Yuri’s Night: Russ has talked to Weatherford. He and Steve will travel to there and to the Science Museum Oklahoma in Oklahoma City. The Sam Noble Oklahoma Museum of Natural History can handle around 50 people, and have three rooms we can rent. They have catering services. Do we want to have a meal or just munchies? We need cost of rooms.
        Steve will make a decision before the next meeting. OSA voted to give him the authority to do so.
        Art Contest: Claire has made some calls and has contacts within the Norman School System.
Annual Report: Tim is ready with finances and membership. Syd is doing activity report and will send it to Steve and Tim. Tim wants         it as a pdf attachment.
        Candidate subjects for Oklahoma Space Alliance: Anybody who has a subject can send it to Steve.

What’s Happening in Space?
“There are too many accidents that can befall life on a single planet. But I’m an optimist. We will reach out to the stars.”--Steven Hawking, Daily Telegraph interview, 2001

Presentations this month: (Links to the articles and videos can be found on our website in Steve’s web version of What’s Happening http://osa.nss.org/1402%20Whats%20Happening.pdf, so I won’t duplicate all of them here.)
        NASA launched a TDRS-L (Tracking and Data Relay Satellite). This one relays signals between the Space Station and ground control, ensuring almost continual communication. United Launch Alliance does good videos, and we watched a launch video.
        SpaceShipTwo’s third powered flight took it to 71,000 feet (14 miles). There’s been some specula­tion in the industry as to why Virgin Galactic has made only three tests flights of SpaceShipTwo, none of them into space.
        Virgin Galactic tested its Launcher One engines, which are for a rocket designed to be launched from WhiteKnightTwo.
        The Solar Wind Produces Water in Interplanetary dust. The solar wind contains protons that bombard silicates in space, knocking loose oxygen atoms that combine with the protons to make water.
        Arianespace had its 58th consecutive successful Ariane 5 launch.  We watched video of it launching though rain.
        Among the cargo onboard the Cygnus launch to the Space Station last January were eight ant farms.
        Carbon Dioxide is Not Just a Greenhouse Gas. It can also be used in making nanomaterials.
        A Dutch project shows that plants are able to grow in Martian-like soil.
        Elon Musk did an interview with the Business Insider that’s up on line.

Space News: This is mostly links on our web page.
        The US House of Representatives passed $696 million in funding for the Commercial Crew Program.
        Bigelow needs clarification of Luna Property Rights. [Bigelow wants ownership of resources mined in space and to bar other companies from interfering with its operations. The Outer Space Treaty bans the ownership of, say, Mare Imbrium. “Customary international law already recognizes that extraterrestrial materials brought back to Earth can be owned and sold — just like the thousands of space meteorites available today on eBay. The U.S. and Soviet Union both claimed ownership in lunar resources extracted and returned to Earth, and exchanged samples without international objection. (The 1979 Moon Agreement would have banned appropriation of extraterrestrial materials in space but has been ratified by only a handful of countries, and was firmly rejected by the U.S. Senate.)” So Bigelow would own material it picked up on Mare Imbrium without actually owning the lunar sea. This lunar property rights article deserves a TinyURL http://tinyurl.com/mmqc8x2 --Syd]
        Planetary Resources is crowd-funding a space telescope to look for likely asteroids.

        This year’s International Space Development Conference is May 14 – 18 in Los Angeles. Claire says the people who will be there to receive awards are people we would really like to see. [For more on this, see “Space News” below.]
                                                                                --Notes by OSA Secretary Syd Henderson

Notes on OSIDA Meeting

        The Board of Directors of the Oklahoma Space Industry Development Authority met on February 12, 2014 at the Oklahoma Air and Space Port in Burns Flat, Oklahoma.  The event presented OSIDA’s new Control Center and offices.  At heart and center of the new building is a large control room designed with six locations for client control stations.  The station requirements were designed by the facilities director of Vandenberg AFB Space Launch Complex.  Each control station has standardized power, network, dish and communications hook-ups.  Large displays are planned for the walls.   Space Port users will supply their own operational equipment for the workstations. The raised floor control room is supported by battery backup.  The building includes the air and spaceport offices and meeting rooms.  
Items discussed by the Board include the following:

  1. A one-year extension of the Joint use Agreement with the Air Force is planned.
  2. The Oklahoma House of Representatives review of OSIDA’s budget went very well.  Senate review and approval is expected.
  3. Engineering plans for airport runway projects are complete.  These include runway joint sealing, an internally lit wind sack and 5400 feet of new electric cable for runway lighting.
  4. Board approved plans for Building plaque and Sign.
  5. Bill Khourie hopes to use Commerce Department contractor to implement new web site.

                                 --Notes by OSA President Steve Swift

Update on Yuri’s Night

        Russ Davoren, Steve Swift and Claire McMurray visited the Stafford Air and Space Museum in Weatherford Oklahoma.  They met with Museum Director Max Ary, Marketing Specialist Brandi Rizzi and others.  Max agreed on a joint event to include Yuri’s night and Apollo 13.  

The agreement includes:

  1. Event will be on April 12 at 7:00 p.m.  OSA to arrive at 6:30 p.m.
  2. NSS Banner will be displayed
  3. OSA Banner also, if one is available
  4. OSA provided Yuri’s Night slides to be included
  5. Museum will be open for attendees
  6. Introduction will include short comments on Yuri’s Night
  7. Max will add comments on Apollo 13
  8. Apollo 13 Movie
  9. Snacks – OSA contribution $100
  10.  A discounted fee of $5 per person required by museum
  11.  Museum will provide each OSA participant with Museum passes for future visit.

OSA will most likely have bus transportation for the event.

                          --Notes by OSA President Steve Swift

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