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Minutes of March Meeting

        Oklahoma Space Alliance met at Harry Bear’s All-American Grill in Moore on March 8. In attendance were Steve, Karen and Brian Swift, Dennis Wigley, Vickey Richartz, Claire McMurray, Dave Sheely, Tim Scott, John Northcutt and Syd Henderson.
Celebration of Spaceflight: The Stafford Museum has a new Apollo 13 display. We’ll get to talk a bit about space at 7:00 p.m.         We’re allowing $100 for snacks. Event is $5.00 per person, but we’re covering the people from Norman. Norman High School is willing to promote our event, but Norman North High School hasn’t responded. We should approach the Oklahoma School of Science and Math. If a group of kids is going together, there should have a responsible adult with them. We would like it to be someone at the school.
         There’s an OSU professor who directed the Mars Habitat project.
        The bus, if we get one, will be $20 a person. We may be able to get a lower price if we shop around. Do we want to subsidize? Do we need a lift?
        We voted to go forward, but didn’t vote to subsidize. Are we at a point where we can consider subsidizing students and chaperones? We voted yes to consider it.

        We need to talk to SoonerCon about panels and tables.
        Our projector was broken this month, so Steve presented what’s happening verbally. Articles and links can be found at http://osa.nss.org/1403%20Whats%20Happening.pdf.

Quotation of the Month: “You cannot always be first, but you can be excellent!” Astronaut Mae Jemison.
        On Valentine’s Day, International Launch Services launched a Turkish satellite that will broadcast throughout the Middle East.
        The FAA approved a Blue Origin doing further launches up to 100,000 feet from their test site in west Texas.
        The US House of Representatives Science Committee has recently passed an unprecedented bill to formally prohibit NASA from terminating a program within that agency. The bill makes NASA compete with private enterprise through spending billions on pet programs. [Note: our headline last month indicated the House itself passed the bill, but it appears it was the committee who passed it. It doesn’t appear the House has voted on it.]
        Astronaut Susan Hill recently retired as a two-star general. She also flew on five shuttle missions and served a stint on the International Space Station.
        A large meteor exploded over Santa Fe, Argentina on February 19. It was heard over a 200-mile radius. No injuries reported.
        Geosynchronous satellites are lighter than they used to be. They have fuel, but there is a tendency toward electrical operations. This is causing a problem for Arianespace, which specializes in heavy launches.
                                                --Minutes by Oklahoma Space Alliance Secretary Syd Henderson

Notes on March OSIDA Meeting

        The OSIDA board met on March 8, 2014 in the conference room at the Department of Transportation Building in Oklahoma City. Board members present were R. Allen Goodbary, Don Wetekam, Jack Bonny, Jay Edwards, James Cunningham and Robert Cox. OSIDA Executive Director Bill Khourie, and legal adviser Brinda White, secretary Kim Vowell and Gary Foster were also present on for the Oklahoma Space Port. There were three in the audience, with Syd Henderson attending of behalf of Oklahoma Space Alliance.
        Gary Foster is the new operations manager of the Oklahoma Spaceport. He was an officer at Tinker Air Force Base and has an MBA. He lives in Oklahoma City and stays in a hotel when working at the Spaceport. He may eventually move to the Clinton-Burns Flat area.
        Additions to the Operation Center include a backup generator.
        Oklahoma Lieutenant Governor Todd Lamb visited the Spaceport. Bill let him know funding is the biggest problem. Lt. Governor Lamb was very complementary.
        OSIDA is finally getting on fast track regarding website. General Edwards asked why we didn’t continue to use the old website. Bill said it was very difficult to upgrade.
        Repairs are underway on the Control Tower offices, with replacement of rotten wood being a priority.
        Last year hangers 117, 231 and 232 had roof damage from severe storms and Bill is contacting a contractor. The insurance company has looked at, but it’s been over a year with no action. Oklahoma Spaceport has done patchwork.
        OSIDA voted to extend the Joint Use Agreement with the Air Force for another year,
        The New Mexico Spaceport has a 10,000 foot runway. They are planning to transition from a private to public runway.
                                        --Notes by OSA Secretary Syd Henderson

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