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Minutes of July 2014 Oklahoma Space Alliance Meeting

        Oklahoma Space Alliance met July 19 at Harry Bear’s All-American Grill in Moore, Oklahoma. In attendance were Steve, Karen and Brian Swift, Vickey Richartz, Claire and Clifford McMurray, Dennis Wigley, Dave Sheely, Craig Crawford, Peggy McBride and Syd Henderson.
        We went through the nominations for NSS Offices and recommendations.
        Art Contest: What do we do about copyright of artwork which is put online? How do we protect artists’ rights?
Home town blitz: Senators and Congressmen who have family in their home state take a long break in August. Check with their local offices and see if any are available to meet with constituents. If not, ask if you can talk with a staff person. Some of them may well have town hall meetings.
        Point to make: We are concerned that we are dependent on Russian rockets to get to and supply the space station. Especially since the Russians have indicated they are only committed until 2020. A full list of talking points is on the NSS web site.
We have a couple of volunteers to meet with both our Senators. However, Senator Coburn is leaving the Senate after a replacement is elected, and there will be a vacancy in Representative Lankford’s district since he’s running for the Senate.
        We are now posting things at meetup.com The Meetup site is www.meetup.com, and the particular one we’re sponsoring is (Central) Oklahoma Space Exploration & Settlement Meetup, located at www.meetup.com/Central-Oklahoma-Space-Exploration-Settlement-Meetup. Log in and say what you’re interested and they will tell you what is meeting in your area. There’s a fee to advertise your meetings.
        Steve made a presentation to OSIDA. See last month’s notes on the OSIDA meeting for details.
We can promote space in Oklahoma without asking for the OSIDA Board’s support.
        Claire got an $8.00 check from a space enthusiast.    

What’s Happening in Space:
        Quote of the month, from Steve Swift: “Those who focus upon the earth, its environment and its people have worthy missions, but they must not hold back this bold destiny for humankind has before it not only the earth but also the stars.”
        The full What’s Happening is online at http://osa.nss.org/1407%20Whats%20Happening.pdf.
        Highlights included: Russia Eyes Soyuz Upgrades for Missions around the Moon.
        Mars One would be the first private venture to land on another planet—even if they don’t succeed in landing people.        
We watched a lot of videos of launches. Russia launched a Scottish satellite.

            Steve wants to keep talking to XCOR but has to sign a non-disclosure agreement. This is really in case there’s a leak.
                                        --Minutes by OSA Secretary Syd Henderson

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