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Minutes of January 2015 Meeting

        Oklahoma Space Alliance met January 10, 2015 at Harry Bear’s in Moore, Oklahoma. In attendance were Steve, Karen and Brian Swift, Vickey Richartz, Claire and Kip McMurray, Tim Scott, Don Robinson, Peggy McBride, Dave Sheely, Syd Henderson and the Thibedeau family.
        Steve did a report at the December OSIDA meeting. They have a business plan but can’t share it.
        Steve: Last year we did a meeting at the Stafford Museum (in Weatherford). Do we want to do it again. Russ Davoren will provide leadership and is soliciting ideas from us.
        We watched a promotional video for Enterprise in Space, which is to carry 100 student experiments into space. The deadline for entries for the design concept for Enterprise was December 21. The winner will be announced on January 21. We looked at 19 designs ranging from simple drawings to ambitious artwork.
        We watched the NSS’s kickstarted video “Space is Our Future: A Campaign for Space.”
What’s Happening in Space:
        Space X made a successful launch, but the attempted landing on a platform was an unsuccessful crash. We watched a video of the CRS-5 Mission.
        Dave went through questions from students at his kickstarter project.
                                                                        --Minutes by OSA Secretary Syd Henderson

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