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Minutes of February Meeting

        Oklahoma Space Alliance met at Harry Bears All-American Grill on Saturday, February 14. In attendance were Steve, Brian, and Karen Swift, Dave, Bill and Nathan Sheely, Rachelle, Gerry (sp.?) and Stephanie Thibedeau, Russ Davoren, Syd Henderson, Peggy McBride, Amanda Peaster, Vickey Richartz, Tim Scott, Rosemary Swift and Dennis Wigley. This was Bill, Nathan and Amanda’s first meeting. (Nathan was more of a drop-in.)
        Congressman Jim Bridenstine (1st District, which includes Tulsa) will meet with some of our members on Wednesday, February 18. He’s on the Science and Space subcommittee. Steve, Dave and Dennis are going, as is Ross Robinson.
        Yuri’s Night: Russ talked to the Stafford Museum. They are having a series of Smithsonian-type talks. They haven’t come up with anything definite. We may want to talk to them about Space Week in October.
        Steve wants to keep meetings at 2:00 p.m., but is looking for a larger space.

What’s Happening in Space:
        We watched a video with Gwynne Shotwell, the President and Chief Operating Officer of SpaceX.
        The Oklahoma Space Industry Development Authority has finally set its new website up. The website is http://airspaceportok.com/#home, and has a promotional video featuring Bill Khourie and Governor Mary Fallin.
        We watched a promotional video animation of Space X’s Falcon 9.  SpaceX is accumulating landing pads at Cape Canaveral and Vandenberg Air Force Base.

  --Minutes by OSA Secretary Syd Henderson

E-mail from Don Whitney:


        “I have been an interested but passive member of OSA for a few years.   Another organization that I am active in is the Lions Club of Downtown OKC.   I am looking for a lunchtime speaker for Tuesday, April 21 and I would like to expose our Club membership to the exciting current developments in space.   Would a member of OSA be willing to speak to our group?  I noticed that the online UPDATE magazine has interesting articles and photos which could be converted to a PowerPoint presentation if you desired.
        “Please let me know if you would consider this space outreach opportunity and I will reply with more details.”
        Steve’s been in touch with Don about this opportunity.

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