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            Minutes of July Meeting

            Oklahoma Space Alliance met at Earl’s Rib Palace in Moore on July 11. In attendance were Steve, Karen and Brian Swift, Jim and Peggy McBride, Rosemary Swift, Tim Scott, Steve Galpin, Jerry and Stephanie Thibedeau, Dennis Wigley, Russ Davoren and Syd Henderson.
            Hugh Cook, the editor of Space News, says the Space Station is not just an outpost but a way station on the way to access of the Solar System.
            New Horizons is flying by Pluto this week. We will have our Pluto celebration next month after the data has started coming in,
            Chris Cassidy has been promoted to head of the Astronauts Office. He has been in the astronaut corps since 2004. He has spent 184 days in space and 20 hours on EVA.
            We watched videos of the Falcon 9 explosion, and the launch of a Progress module to the Space Station.
            OSIDA has a mission statement on their new website, http://airspaceportok.com.
            India launched five satellites on one rocket. We watched a video.
Business meeting:      
We have $994.18 in the checking account and $257 in cash.
            OSA has a charter, but Steve has never seen it [I don’t remember seeing it myself.] NSS has a copy. OSA’s officers will meet to go over it.
            Peggy went to the Cosmosphere, got a tattoo, and met Tom Stafford as part of a commemoration of the Apollo-Soyuz mission.
                                                                                    --Minutes by OSA Secretary Syd Henderson

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