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         Outreach and Update are the newsletters of Oklahoma Space Alliance. Outreach is published in odd-numbered months and is sent both by post and by e-mail. Update is published in even-number months and is sent by e-mail. The December Update is often replaced by a meeting announcement election ballot, in which case the November minutes will be published in the January Outreach. You must be a member of Oklahoma Space Alliance to receive Outreach by post unless you are on our courtesy list. To receive newsletters by e-mail, contact Syd Henderson at the address at the bottom of the page. The newsletters listed below are slightly edited to turn them into web pages.
        Outreach is edited by Syd Henderson, and Update by Claire McMurray.

July 2006 Outreach
August 2006 Update
September 2006 Outreach
October 2006 Update
November/December 2006 Outreach

January 2007 Outreach
March 2007 Outreach
April 2007 Update
May 2007 Outreach
June 2007 Update
July 2007 Outreach
August 2007 Update
September 2007 Outreach
October 2007 Update
November 2007 Outreach

January 2008 Outreach
February 2008 Update
March 2008 Outreach
April 2008 Update
May 2008 Outreach
July 2008 Outreach
August 2008 Update
September 2008 Outreach
October 2008 Update
November 2008 Outreach

January 2009 Outreach
February 2009 Update
March 2009 Outreach
April 2009 Update
May 2009 Outreach
June 2009 Update
July 2009 Outreach
September 2009 Outreach
October 2009 Update
November 2009 Outreach
December 2009 Update and addendum

January 2010 Outreach
February 2010 Update and addendum
March 2010 Outreach
(The April 2010 Update was included with the June.)
May 2010 Outreach
April & June 2010 Update
July 2010 Outreach
August 2010 Update
September 2010 Outreach
October 2010 Update
November 2010 Outreach
December 2010 Update

January 2011 Outreach
February 2011 Update
March 2011 Outreach
May 2011 Outreach
June 2011 Update
July 2011 Outreach
August 2011 Update
September 2011 Outreach
November 2011 Outreach
December 2011 Update

January 2012 Outreach
February 2012 Update
March 2012 Outreach
April 2012 Update
May 2012 Outreach
June 2012 Update
July 2012 Outreach
August 2012 Update
September 2012 Outreach
November 2012 Outreach

January 2013 Outreach
February 2013 Update
March 2013 Outreach
April 2013 Update (pdf format)
May 2013 Outreach
June 2013 Update (pdf format)
July 2013 Outreach (pdf format)
August 2013 Update (pdf format)
September 2013 Outreach (pdf format)
October 2013 Update (pdf format)
November 2013 Outreach (pdf format)
December 2013 Update (pdf format)

January 2014 Outreach (pdf format)
February 2014 Update (pdf format)
March 2014 Outreach (pdf format)
April 2014 Update (pdf format)
May 2014 Outreach (pdf format)
June 2014 Update (pdf format)
July 2014 Outreach (pdf format)
August 2014 Update (pdf format)
September 2014 Outreach (pdf format)
October 2014 Update (pdf format)
November 2014 Outreach (pdf format)

January 2015 Outreach (pdf format)
February 2015 Update (pdf format)
March 2015 Outreach (pdf format)
April 2015 Update (pdf format)
May 2015 Outreach (pdf format)
June 2015 Update (pdf format)
July 2015 Outreach (pdf format)
(No August 2015 newsletter)
September 2015 Outreach (pdf format)
October 2015 Update (pdf format)
November 2015 Outreach (pdf format)

January 2016 Outreach (pdf format)
February 2016 Update (pdf format)
March 2016 Outreach (pdf format)
April 2016 Update (pdf format)
May 2016 Outreach (pdf format)
June 2016 Update (pdf format)
July 2016 Outreach (pdf format)
September 2016 Outreach (pdf format)
October 2016 Update (pdf format)
November 2016 Outreach (pdf format)

January 2017 Outreach (pdf format)
February 2017 Update (pdf format)
March 2017 Outreach (pdf format)

April 2017 Update (pdf format)
May 2017 Outreach (pdf format)
June 2017 Update (pdf format)
July 2017 Outreach (pdf format)
August 2017 Update (pdf format)
September 2017 Outreach (pdf format)
October 2017 Update (pdf format)
November 2017 Outreach (pdf format)

January 2018 Outreach (pdf format)
January 2018 Update (pdf format)
February 2018 Update (pdf format)
March 2018 Outreach (pdf format)
March 2018 Update (pdf format)

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